Religion Might Be Helping To Fight Against COVID-19

Scientific Workings and Religion Both Follow the Concept of Peace and Harmony

Religious Leaders Must Provide Guidance to Follow Safety and Preventive Measures

Across the World, around 210 countries and territories are currently suffering through the coronavirus pandemic, which has up till now infected more than 2,864,559 people out of which 199,514 have died since the start of the spread of COVID-19 on November 17, 2019, in Mainland China. In some areas of the globe, religion might be helping to fight against COVID-19.

Religious teachings helping combat COVID-19

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, people have come much closer to following the teachings of their religion as no man made product has yet been discovered, which could eliminate the COVID-19 virus from the surface of the earth. The COVID-19 crisis is disrupting the lives of the general population across the globe as only 28.5% of coronavirus confirmed patients have been able to fully recover back to their optimum health, and only 3.4% of the infected people have died after suffering through severe conditions experienced by due to COVID-19 virus.

It is being believed that religion might be helping to fight against COVID-19 as religious leaders are appealing their prompted followers to follow through the safety and preventive measures prescribed by the health care profession, which will help combat transmission of the COVID-19 infection into further individuals. People are looking towards their religious scholars to help them confront the social, health, and economic challenges in the upcoming future.

The reason behind why religion might be helping to fight against COVID-19 is because many people in multiple areas across the World rely on their religious scholars and preachers to provide them and guide them about the scientific findings related to the coronavirus pandemic. 17% of all Americans consult with their religious leader with any query regarding science, especially those questions which have moral implications in them.

During the rapid spread of coronavirus infection, religion might be helping to fight against COVID-19 pandemic, as faith leaders can guide the general population about the health benefits in the light of their religion. Religious leaders can also partner up with multiple scientists and physicians to guide people with accurate information about the transmission and prevention of the infection.

It is generally perceived that scientific workings and religion do not go hand in hand, but during the coronavirus crisis across the World, religion might be helping to fight against COVID-19 outbreak as nearly all religious observed across the World gives the teachings of personal hygiene. In most of the regions across the globe, the scientific workings done are for the core value of helping and healing the World around them as well as the beliefs and principle followed in the religion are also based on peace, prosperity, well being and harmony with them and the people living around them.

COVID-19 pandemic disrupting religious observances

In some areas of the World, religion might be helping to fight against COVID-19, but it has also become the cause of the further spread of infection. The rapid spike in South Korea’s coronavirus cases was traced back to a Church meeting. In Malaysia, hundreds of Muslims acquired the coronavirus after attending prayers at the Mosque. In Washington, a rector was confirmed with COVID-19 after performing a communion, which was attended by more than five hundred people.

Multiple religious sites have been closed down to prevent further transmission of the infection. Many religious scholars have advised the public to follow all the religious routines inside the premises of their homes. It is believed that even after closure of religious sites, these organizations have the potential to stop and prevent further spread of the infection in multiple regions across the globe by providing proper accurate information about the infection and its prevention.

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