Refusing Self-Isolate Is Illegal In England With Up To £ 10,000 Fine

Positive Coronavirus Patient Has To Self-Isolate Inside The Residence

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Refusing to self-isolate amid the coronavirus pandemic to prevent further transmission of the infection has now been termed as an illegal and criminal activity from Monday across England and is punishable by paying a fine, which will be up to 10,000.

To prevent further outbreak of the deadly coronavirus infection across the area, when the effects of the viral pathogen are slightly decreasing in the region, to self-isolate inside our residence is an essential requirement to limit the outbreak.

Meanwhile, the British government has announced that they will provide an unlimited amount of Personal Protective Equipment to the front-line medical working staff in the upcoming months of the winter season when another surge of coronavirus infection is expected to spread across the region.

The large quantity of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including face-masks, gowns, and visors, will be made available from the month of November as announced by the Department of Health.

Refusal to self-isolate now a punishable offense

Any individual who has been tested positive for coronavirus infection or might have been in direct contact with individuals suffering from COVID-19 is now required to spend their mandatory 14 day quarantine period in self-isolation while being in their homes.

This act has now been termed as legal, and any individual declining to self-isolate them would be considered as an illegitimate act. In a research study conducted by the government, about 18% of the people who observed coronavirus symptoms self-isolated themselves.

Starting Monday, September 28, 2020, it would become a punishable offense for those individuals who fail to comply with self-isolate themselves according to the police orders that will be fined. The fine limit would start from £ 1,000 and could increase up to £ 10,000 for repeated offenses or severe breach of protection.

The law enforcement agency of the country has been allowed to order the general public in compliance of rules to prevent coronavirus hotspots, the information based on the local intelligence provided to the police. This new legalized law to self-isolate is applicable to all individuals who have been tested positive for COVID-19 and suffering from mild to moderate symptoms or other people who have been in close contact with a person suffering from the viral infection.

If any individual is tested positive for COVID-19, and they knowingly provide false data regarding their last possible exposure to other individuals to the NHS Test, and Trace will also be punishable.

Those individuals who have been tested positive for coronavirus are required to self-isolate, even if they do not have a proper source of income. They would be provided a £ 500 payment to compensate for their lost earnings while they were self-isolated until they are completely healthy to resume back their work.

Mandatory to self-isolate inside residence

Around four million individuals are eligible to be able to receive this benefits package from the government of England. The amount would be backdated once complete required procedure for the scheme is done in the council area. NHS Test and Trace application have been launched on Thursday by the Department of Health and Social Care, which has already been downloaded 10 million times from the app store till 3 days.

If the application tells the user to self-isolate, the individual is supposed to follow through. This application information is not legally binding, as compared to when a person is tested positive for coronavirus, after which it is mandatory to self-isolate inside their residence.

These new regulations to self-isolate are added by the government as a clear sign that the administration will not allow any individual to break the rules to prevent further outbreak across the country, which has already caused hundreds of thousands of individuals to suffer through along with numerous people who has also died after being in contact with the viral infection.

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