Record June Temperatures Makes This Year “the Warmest Year”

Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emission Now Would Still Not Prevent Intense Heatwaves in The Future

According to the European Union’s Earth observation program, the region of North America is currently experiencing its warmest June temperatures on record. This has come as no surprise for the residents as they have observed unprecedented record high June temperatures in the past week during the massive heatwave which had hit several parts of Canada and the United States.

Climate change

Although the residents of the United Kingdom might become startled due to the fact that despite having recurrent rainfall and cloudy weather they have experienced, this year’s June temperature was the second warmed for Europe on record. The June of the year 2021 is the fourth warmest June which have ever been recorded throughout the world.

The European Union’s earth observation program, Copernicus, has been able to produce expected figures for the June temperatures around the world by utilizing a computer-generated analysis that required data of about a billion measures from the satellites revolving around the Earth along with weather stations and aircraft throughout the world.

According to the climate experts, the recently acquired data is pointing towards frightening escalation in the extremes of climatic temperatures throughout the world. Prof Peter Stott working at the United Kingdom Met Office, said that the general population around the world is getting gradually used to record high climatic temperatures as they are being recorded someplace in the world each year now.

He also stated that it is shocking for meteorologists is not that the world is getting accustomed to the record high June temperatures and frequent heatwaves, but the temperature change records are being  broken each year by such large margins.

In the north-western part of the United States and Canada, several of the major cities have recorded high June temperatures that were further increased by 5 degrees than the previous record temperatures.

In the previous year, the Siberian heatwave saw weather temperatures more than five degrees Celsius, further above the last recorded high temperatures between the time duration of January to June.

Human factorization in escalating temperatures

According to a research study conducted by the Met Office in the United Kingdom regarding the extreme heat in the region of Russia has been able to find out that by reaching such extremely high temperatures was an impossible task without the climate changes aggravated by human actions.

The study has also anticipated that similar kinds of results could also come from studies done on the June temperatures during the Canadian heatwave.

The calculations done initially have suggested that the odds for this kind of high June temperatures that are currently being experienced across Canada are occurring without the changes in climatic condition are very low.

Prof Stott said that this study had told us that the difference in the average climatic conditions is leading towards rapid increase not just in extremely high temperatures, but extraordinary high temperatures.

Prof Friederike Otto of the Environment Change Institute at the Oxford University said that the data collected is exactly what is to be expected. Every decade, there has been an increase in the greenhouse gas emission rate in the world, which played an important factor in the escalation of the rate of global warming. Due to which the record high temperatures are being broken on a frequent basis.

It is believed by Prof Otto that the risks that come alongside the increasing number of heatwaves and high June temperatures across the world that are currently being experienced by the general population are not being taken seriously enough.

The sudden floods and storms that also occur after such drastic high-temperature changes in the environment are causing widespread damage to public and private properties. In contrast, the heatwaves do not usually spread much destruction in their wake, although they are described as ‘silent killers’ by Prof Otto.

He said that it occurs in only rare occasions when people drop dead in the middle of the street out of nowhere but die without any sound while inside their poorly insulated residential homes or placed without air-conditioning.

It has been reported that numerous individuals have become the victims due to these heat events, but it only becomes apparent several months after the events have occurred when the statisticians are able to calculate the amount of excess mortality that occurred.

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