Rajini Chandy: Attracts Vicious Trolls for ‘Too Sexy’ Photos

Chandy Believes That Her Acting Career Could Motivate Older Adults to Follow Their Dreams despite Worrying About Age

Rajini Chandy, a 69 years old Indian actress has recently posted her photos on social media application Facebook from her sensational photoshoot, while she was not anticipating that her photos would go viral over the internet and could possibly attract vicious comments and trolling for being too sexy. The housewife turned actress previously worked in a gym before joining the Bollywood industry.  She has done major roles, and one of the prominent roles includes being on Big Boss Malayam 2.

Chandy being different from typical women

Usually, the pictures of Rajini Chandy that are seen on the internet are of being clad in graceful and elegant multi-coloured saaris, but the recent photo shoot that has been trolled for being too sexy in the community includes her dressed in a modernized jumpsuit, distressed denim jeans, long dresses or short length denim dresses. While in some photos, she is also observed to be wearing a flower crown decorated with fresh white flowers handpicked from her garden.

According to the local media of Karela, a south Indian state, they have described the new photoshoot for Rajini Chandy as bold and beautiful. But the pictures have raised many questions and comments, including calling her too sexy, throughout the conservative state, in which the women are generally dressed in traditional saaris or long skirts.

The idea for the photoshoot was given by a 29-year-old Athira Joy, who is known for her unconventional styled work. Ms Joy stated that the reason she was attracted to Rajini Chandy was the way that she is quite different from her own mother despite being 69 years of age.

Generally, a typical Indian woman spends most of her life caged in the system of marriage and to raise an entire family. Due to this, most of the women tend to give up after they reach the age of 60 years. The only purpose left in their lives is to be a grandmother for their children’s children.  Athira Joy also stated that her mother is a typical Indian female who suffers from different sorts of health issues that are generally diagnosed within 60 years old women.

Although Rajini is almost 70 years of age, she is different from the rest of the typical Indian women, as she takes cares of her needs and requirements herself, she’s healthy and fit, bold, beautiful and fashionable. Even though she is above the age of 65, but in her mind, she is 29, just like Ms Joy herself. But she is deemed too sexy for the general society.

Vicious trolls for too sexy photos and unconventional lifestyle

Inside a traditional society located in the southern Indian state of Karela, Rajini Chandy has stood out among the masses. In the year 1995, when she returned back to Karela after living several decades in the city of Mumbai, due to her husband’s job in a foreign bank, she became visibly noticed wearing jeans and lipstick and was also trolled for clicking too sexy photos and making them public. Once, she was even reprimanded for wearing a blouse with no sleeves, as it also was a too sexy item to be worn public.

In the last few years of her life, Rajini Chandy has made news for her unconventional career choices and was also trolled for being too sexy in a general Indian community. In the year 2016, when she was 65 years old, she debuted in the entertainment industry after getting the role in a comedy-drama of Malayalam language named Oru Muthassi Gadha, which is roughly translated into A Granny’s Mace.

After her debut, she was cast into other Indian films and was also able to take active participation in the Big Boss season 2 Malayalam version in the past year. According to Rajini Chandy, the reason behind her career in the entertainment industry was to motivate older individuals and to make them believe that although they have aged, they would still be able to enjoy life to its fullest. But her choices have caused her to receive backlash from the public for being too sexy.

In her statement, Rajini Chandy said that most of the couples during their young age spend most of the life of their lives to raise their children, and put their own desires aside. But after some time, they realize that they are too old and frail to do most of the stuff they had previously wanted to experience, and become worried that if they tried to accomplish it, the society would not be pleased. She motivated the people to follow their desires when the time is right despite worrying about what people would say.

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