Putin Eases Lockdown in Russia

The Country Will Reopen From May 12

The Country Will Reopen From Today

Russian President Vladimir Putin eases lockdown in Russia from Tuesday after strict implementation of lockdown for over six weeks. President Putin has announced to reopen all businesses across the country, easing all restrictions that were putting a strain on the economic conditions of Russia.  Even though Russian President Putin eases lockdown in Russia, some of the sectors would be kept under strict control to prevent further transmission of the infection.

Russia has become the top third country across the world with the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases reported in the region as the numbers have risen up to 221,344. In the time duration of 24 hours, a record number of 11,656 new coronavirus cases were reported in the country, along with 94 deaths in the region.

Since the virus has begun spreading in Russia, 2,009 people have died after acquiring the infection. Across the country, hospital workers and medical staff are working round the clock to treat those infected patients who are severely ill after acquiring the virus. A total count of 2,300 people is currently in intensive care in Russia.

Putin views regarding COVID-19 pandemic affecting Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin eases lockdown in Russia after announcing it on the national television broadcast. Putin said that he only allowed the country to reopen because he is positive that Russia is prepared to save the lives of thousands of people infected by the COVID-19 outbreak as the country’s health care system if fully facilitated and equipped.

From Tuesday, May 12, 2020, Russia will be ending their six-week country wide lockdown and reopening all sectors of the economy to reinitiate their work. Even as Putin eases lockdown in Russia, several of the individual regions across the country will be able to keep preventive measures with respect to the situation in the area.

Large public gatherings will remain banned indefinite periods to prevent outbursts in multiple individuals. The country’s continuous economic recession required to end the lockdown due to which President Putin eases lockdown in Russia to return back to normal as soon as possible. Agricultural and construction sectors will be some of the first industries to be reinitiated.

Russian President Putin eases lockdown in Russia, he believes that the outbreak still poses as the danger for the country, and the general population should follow through all preventive measures to not to allow a new and second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic from growing and spreading further.

Preventive Measures after the ease of lockdown

Even though President Putin eases lockdown in Russia, Protective measures against the COVId-19 outbreak must be followed across the country as industrial and construction working staff must now return back to their jobs, while wearing gloves and face masks during their traveling via public transport.

The general population of the country is still not allowed to leave their homes for non-essential travel. People who must travel to shops, walk their dogs, and go to their workplace must have a digital permit given by the government to travel.

Reduction in Lockdown

President Vladimir Putin’s address to the nation was broadcasted live on national television to eases country wide lockdown to help the country to prevent a further economic recession from May 12. This address just came 2 days after when the Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, extended the lockdown till May 31 in Moscow.

Moscow has been recognized as the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in Russia, as more than half of the confirmed cases and death toll of the country have been recorded in Moscow. Total count of 115,909 coronavirus cases has been recorded in the capital city, but as the infectious pathogen keeps transmitting further, Mayor Sobyanin has estimated that Moscow will have around 300,000 confirmed cases.

As all public gatherings are banned in the country after Putin eases lockdown in Russia, the country’s government was forced to postpone its annual victory day parade for World War II due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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