Provocative Military Movements By China: Indian Accusation

China Stated That India Was At Fault For 15 June Incident

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The Indian government has accused China of provocative military movements near their disputed border that are located in the Himalayan mountain range, which is in direct violation with the previous agreement between both nuclear-armed countries. The deal made in the past months was intended to ease down the escalating tensions in the region. These allegations made by the Indian government have come after about two-and-a-half months after a bloody brawl between both parties at the border due to which around 20 Indian troops died.

On the other hand, China has not acknowledged any causality that might have occurred during hand-to-hand combat that occurred in the area of Galwan Valley on June 15. Galwan Valley is located near the disputed border of China and India, in the north side of where the Indian soldiers stated that there most recent tensions flared from Saturday’s night to Sunday due to provocative military movements by China.

Tensions between China and India

There have been high-level meetings between the Indian and Chinese military commanders since the clash in Galwan Valley, which has helped calm the situation alongside the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the de-facto border between both countries. In a recent statement by the Indian Defense Military, China has carried out provocative military movements to change the status quo along with violation of their previous agreement that came during the diplomatic and military engagement at the time of the ongoing standoff in the region of Eastern Ladakh.

The statement also stated that the Indian military soldiers had preempted the military activities of China over at the southern bank of Pangong Tso Lake and then undertook some preventive measures to strengthen their position in an attempt to thwart the intentions of Chinese troops to unilaterally change the facts on the ground.

The Foreign Ministry of China has denied any and all incursions into the Indian Territory on Monday. The border troops of China have strictly followed the regulations regarding the Line of Actual Control and has never once crossed over the line into their opposition’s controlled area.  The Chinese border patrol of both countries has maintained their communication on the Line of Actual Control.

Recent flare-up between China and India

There has been a series of territorial flare-ups between India and China in the past recent few weeks over at the Himalayan mountain range, which are said to be due to provocative military movements by China. In the year 1962, both countries had engaged in a border war due to which thousands died in the process. Due to the conflict, both parties established a Line of Actual Control, which is 2,100 miles long, but no proper mapping was done at that time. Now, both countries are accusing each other of overstepping their boundaries and looking for expansion of their region.

Even though there have been numerous combats between both countries at the disputed border, the most-deadliest attack was on June 15, during which several Indian soldiers lost their lives, after which the tensions between both nations have escalated quickly. After the passage of time, tensions have eased, but both sides are maintaining large armed troops at their border site, which has raised the risk of any potential miscalculations between both parties at any event of unexpected and sudden clashes as China has been continuously accused of having provocative military movements at their side of the border.

According to China, the deadly brawl between neighboring nations on June 15 was entirely the fault of Indian military border patrol, as they crossed over the Line of Actual Control into the Chinese region and initiated hand-to-hand combat.

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