Protestors Hit Amazon Buildings In UK, US, And Europe on Black Friday

Amazon Has Denied All Claims That Have Been Made Against Them Regarding Employees

Multiple protests are being held in front of the Amazon buildings that are located in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe on the sale of Black Friday. The day for numerous shopping sales is among the few of the busiest days throughout the year. An international coalition of environmental groups, equality, and unions have called the ‘Make Amazon Pay’ is staging an action day.

This recent movement has put forward their demands for Amazon to make changes in their business, including an improved structure of pay, along with ending surveillance of employees and engagements of the union.

In a separate public protest, the environmental group Extinction Rebellion has blocked all entrances into the distribution centers of Amazon into the United Kingdom. The group has said that they have been able to target 13 buildings in England, including the biggest one located in Dunfermline on the day of the Black Friday sale. Similar kinds of actions have been staged in other countries, including the Netherlands and Germany.

Make Amazon Pay

The coalition of Make Amazon Pay is not in affiliation with the Extinction Rebellion group but also has other member environmental groups, including Greenpeace. They claim that the e-commerce firm Amazon takes in a large amount but, in return, provides truly little. This claim has been backed up by several grassroots campaigns, non-profit making organizations, and trade unions in separate countries of the world.

None of the warehouses owned by Amazon in the United Kingdom are unionized, so due to legal reasons, they are unable to strike. Many of the Amazon employees are to be working on the day of the Black Friday sale, but the campaign groups include workers of Amazon who are staging the protests at the Amazon buildings located in Peterborough, Coventry, Leicestershire, along with the headquarters in London.

Although, the strike is being encouraged somewhere else on the day of the Black Friday sale.

In the country of Germany, the union named Verdi has called onto the Amazon employees that are present at some of the main shipping centers to strike, which is to begin at night on Wednesday and would continue through the Black Friday sale. Meanwhile, in France, the union CGT has called upon the employees of Amazon to put down their tools for some time.

Across the World, around 50 different organizations have been able to sign up for the list of similar demands that has been published by the coalition of Make Amazon Pay. Some of the demands included in the coalition are to raise the pay of workers of Amazon warehouses along with adding increments in peak time and addition of hazard pay, halting of the surveillance of employees, the extension of sick leaves including making improvements in the reporting and tracking of possible Covid-19 case, ending of the status of casual employment and payment of taxes without utilizing any kind of loopholes to the government.

Concerns for safety

It has been stated by the campaign group War on Want that Amazon has been abusing its major dominance across the area of online retail, logistics, and cloud services, to be able to create competition through unfair means that is driving the standards in a downward direction for everyone. The workers of Amazon have to continue facing unsafe working conditions, especially during the time of Black Friday sale, along with constant employee surveillance, and are treated like they are lifeless robots. The time has come for Amazon to provide a fair amount of wages, along with fair paying of taxes and the impact the e-commerce firm is having on the planet.

The union GMB has recently released the set of figured on Friday which had shown that the callouts for ambulances to the warehouses owned by Amazons had increased around 50% in the recent run-ups to the sale of Black Friday, which is blamed on the members of the staff for rushing to be able to hit the massive number of targets.

They have filed the request for Freedom of Information with four trusts of ambulances that are present near the main sites of Amazon warehouses. The information has shown that over the course of five years, the month of November has seen the most visits from ambulances due to the numerous influxes of orders on Black Friday.

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