Private Cities

The priority of the Management and Needs of Citizens

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The rise of the Private Cities is in a surge in both developing and developed countries. These Cities are kind of giant malls where organizations and residents are to be combined well to bring prosperity. In these Cities, rules and regulations can be different from the state’s laws and regulations. People can experience different rules and regulations to preserve their living standards.

Yet, it has been unveiled that the private cities can be dream projects of any government because it is quite lucrative. Therefore, the project may be compelling as far as urbanization and economic growth are concerned.

Nevertheless, individual or people’s rights can be sidelined. Maybe, people have to face an autocratic culture or structure, as the right to change anything will be dismantled. In Australia, the United States, Malaysia, African, and Asia, the trend of Private Cities is in the spotlight. These cities in America have shown a significant number of people who are living and improving the living standard.

Private Cities and World Trends

“Private cities in the world” have become the latest trends in the 21st century. It is better, cheaper, and freer than current or traditional state models. People always aim to live in a place, which is comfortable and compelling due to accessible resources. However, Private Cities Global and Local Perspectives have revealed some different insights.

No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent.

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For Instance, the actual needs of the citizens or the general population, which is intended to live in a private city, can be ignored. They cannot complain about any illegal activities. In short, outsiders have to visit, as they cannot show any resistance. With the perspective of the government, building or supporting private cities seems lucrative. New contracts or projects are to be signed to earn a considerable amount of money. Even after the competition of the Private Cities project, the government has to take its share of private investors.

On the other hand, the management of these cities also looks greedy in this regard. Individual or human rights are sidelined. The administration aims to get significant margins by integrating with the government, developers, and technology companies. It can be asserted that individual or human rights are not prioritized in these cities, and of course, it can be a significant concern for people in the future.

Business Competition or Individual Rights

The private city is always appealing for government and corporations, as instant development and urbanization are possible. In terms of facilitation, the management is truly capable of building the right infrastructure for business, the right amenities for residents, and proper resource allocation at the right time.

Incredibly, it seems a rapid development, which will change the growth trends in world economies. Besides, private city management may fail to understand the meaning of prosperity, as people must have a right to resist or protect them in society. How management can make a private city, which emphasizes on money and corporate growth.

For Instance, it is unveiled that Private Cities in America and  in the World can help to create a more competitive environment. It is a positive aspect of the corporate sector. The big question is what these Cities provide for the general population?

Private Cities in California may be built to facilitate wealthy individuals from the corporate sector. Nonetheless, if an individual enters in these Cities, he may be kicked out due to some interventions by the authorities. Consequently, there is a need to rethink the development of private cities in different parts of the work. Of course, goals for corporate sectors and people are to be redefined to justify the prosperity adequately. No doubt, the development of Private Cities is a trend in the urbanization process, but individuals must be incorporated precisely.

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