Prince Charles Tests Positive for Coronavirus

The Heir to the British Throne Has Self-Isolated Himself in Scotland

Coronavirus Is Treating Rich and Poor Equally

Son of Queen Elizabeth II and the heir to the England throne Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus.  The 71 years old heir to the throne is now self-isolating himself in Scotland. Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus and is displaying mild symptoms associated with the virus. He caught the infection due to his busy schedule during multiple public events in the last couple of weeks.

According to Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth is said to be in good health, but as a precautionary measure canceling all public events, she was scheduled to attend in the upcoming weeks. The 93 years old Queen, along with her husband, Prince Philip, has moved into Windsor Castle on Thursday, which is a week earlier than previously planned. Queen Elizabeth is expected to stay at the Castle further than the Easter period. She is also said to be following all the preventive measures required to eliminate any chance of her acquiring the virus.

Coronavirus has been declared pandemic since its outbreak in mainland China in December last year. Due to this airborne contagious virus, 445, 853 individuals have been infected since its outbreak, out of which 112, 037 were fortunate enough to recover back to full health after experiencing mild symptoms associated with COVID 19.

Globally, in the time period of more than three months 19, 786 people have died due to acquiring the infection.  The death toll in the United Kingdom has reached 427, after more than 8, 000 people are diagnosed with having COVID 19. To counter the increasing number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK, 250, 000 individuals have volunteered to help with NHS during these tough times.

The Prince of Wales

As Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus, it is believed by the doctors that he became contagious after 13 March. His last public engagement was held on 12 March, also the same day since he last saw the Queen of England. Since then, the Prince has held private meetings. Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus was confirmed when he took an NHS test due to his medical conditions and age criteria on Monday, and the test results were confirmed the next day. Even though the Prince of Wales was tested in Birkhall, he is currently residing in Scotland and is resuming his duty as the heir to the British throne while under quarantine.

Even though Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus, his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, was also tested for the infection, but her test result came back negative and is also carrying out her duties alongside residing with her husband. No news regarding the aggressiveness of the symptoms of Prince Charles has been made public except that they are not severe. As there is a small team of staff present for the Prince and Duchess, they both are not interacting directly with the staff to reduce the risk of further spread of COVID 19.

How did Prince Charles get the infection?

The exact individual from whom the Prince caught the infection is still unknown as the Prince of Wales attended multiple public meetings in the last few weeks. Since March 13, Prince Charles has attended many private meetings throughout the United Kingdom as part of his duty to the throne. The individuals with whom he interacted have been informed of his diagnosis regarding COVID 19 to test results have been made public whether those people also test positive or not.

As Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus, even though he is said to be experiencing mild symptoms, the Prince will be under strict care as 71 is a risky age in which the immune system of the body could be easily compromised.

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