Possibilities of the Worst Wildfires in Canada and USA After Current Heatwaves

West Coast of the United States Saw Some Record-Breaking Wildfires In 2020, But Further Severity Is Expected For This Season

After recording the highest temperature, the western region of Canada and the United States are currently bracing for the annual season of wildfires, although this year’s might be some of the worst wildfires in history. There have been multiple warnings issued to the public that this season could possibly have some of the most destructive and worst wildfires, which might be due to several underlying factors.

Sky-high possibility for wildfires

According to the weather experts, there is some significant potential for some of the worst wildfires, which are likely to break previous records. The Professor of wildland fires working at the University of Alberta, Dr. Mike Flanningan, said that the wildfires require three key ingredients to begin; which include fuel or vegetation, a source of ignition that could be from lightning or humans, and windy, dry, and hot weather.

He also added that the wildfires generally depend on the weather changes of day-to-day; however, there is sky-high potential as they are currently in multi-year drought for some regions of the western side of the United States and several parts of Canada.

The United States drought monitor, which is a partnership between the Us Agriculture Department along with some of the organizations that are experts in the field, have given the statement saying that the entire country is suffering from some kind of drought, which is in much severe state in the western region, compared with the rest of the nation.

In the month of June, several areas of the western side of Canada have recorded the highest weather temperature, increasing further chances of some of the worst wildfires. The Lytton village located in the province of British Columbia had made headlines after it was able to record the highest temperature in the history of 49.6C.

This has initiated a series of some worst wildfires, which is put the quantity of land which had burnt throughout the region very high than the average amount for this time in a year. The states of the western region of the United States are also experiencing increasing temperatures along with wildfires.

There has been another concern, which is the lack of hardened or compressed snow in the mountainous or high-altitude areas this year due to the increased weather temperatures. Usually, this acts as a helpful barrier towards the worst wildfires burning in the vegetated areas, along with alleviating conditions of drought. This means that the vegetation which is present on low altitude towards high rise areas is more predisposed towards being burned amid the worst wildfires.

The wildfire season generally begins in the southwest region of the United States, including areas like Arizona, as there are multiple large fires that are still currently burning land, according to the information collected by the national fire database.

Later further in the summer season, wildfires tend to spark further in the northern areas, like California, then Washington, and Oregon. However, multiple signs suggest that the wildfire season in the United States has started a bit early this year.

Outlook of wildfires

In Arizona, the total amount of land which has burned due to some of the worst wildfires that occurred within this year has already surpassed the amount of the years 2018 and 2019. In the previous year, the largest areas were burned amid the worst wildfires throughout the decade, with 2011 being an exception.

It has been observed that the season of worst wildfires has already initiated in northern California, and the weather conditions there are tinder dry, along with Washington and Oregon.

In California, in just the past six months, more than 42,400 acres of land have burned so far, as compared to the data of the same time period of the previous year.

In the year 2020, amid the intense first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 4 million acres of land were burned down across California due to the worst wildfires, which was a state record.

Up till now, the database results do not have shown a huge number of conflagrations that occurred in the last summer along the west coast of the United States, although it is still early to predict but can be expected that this year’s season would have some of the exceptionally long, dry and worst wildfires.

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