Police Brutality Videos During Protests Shock US

Multiple Civilians Wrongfully Injured During Public Demonstrations

Multiple Civilians Wrongfully Injured During Public Demonstrations

Numerous video footage have surfaced during the protests against the abuse of power after the unjustified death of George Floyd due to police brutality. Various police brutality videos during protests shock US as police officers are seen to be using blunt force to dissipate crowds. Across the United States, the general population of the country has been triggered after the death of George Floyd, a black male who died due to blunt force trauma on his neck. The white law enforcement officer put immense pressure on the back of Floyd’s neck, causing permanent damage.

George continuously complains that he was unable to breathe but the police officer did not move, resulting in Floyd’s ultimate death. After the incident, countless police brutality videos during protests shock US.

Protests across the United States

In the State of New York, a couple of law enforcement officers have been suspended from their jobs after they were seen to be shoving a white elderly man to the ground. Multiple police officers have been recorded roughly handling the protestors as they were fleeing from the scene. The complaint reports of these actions have been reported several hours of George Floyd’s memorial in Minneapolis.

Multiple police brutality videos during protests shock US after the inexcusable death of George Floyd. The homicide of George Floyd was captured on camera, during which the white police officer put his entire body weight on George’s neck for eight minutes. After the video went viral, a large number of demonstrations have begun across the country against racial discrimination of African American citizens by the hands of law enforcement authorities.

A multitude of protests across the United States have been previously peaceful for the last several days, but a few of them turned into public violence and riots. To counter these issues, curfews have been implemented in several cities. Several police brutality videos during protests shock US as the law enforcement agency was seen to be using tear gas, smoke bombs, and pepper balls to disperse large gatherings. Some officers used force to scatter large crowds during demonstrations.

The completely eliminate the growing issue of abuse of power against racial discrimination, the civil rights group in the United States have filed a lawsuit against the President, attorney generals and other leaders of the country for violation of the legislative rights of demonstrators.

The head of the American Civil Liberties Union gave a statement saying that the general public of the country is unprotected if the law enforcement officers protecting the civilians are involved in tactics of the tyrant. The statement was given after multiple police brutality videos during protests shock US.

On the same day, George Floyd was unjustifiably killed by a law enforcement officer, and another black male was shot down in the town of Phoenix. Dion Johnson was shot by the state troopers after they found him unconscious on his driver seat, partially block the road traffic. Gunshots were fired by the state trooper after struggling with the suspect.

Numerous videos showing police brutality

The video footage from Buffalo is one of the police brutality videos during protests shock US. 75 years of an elderly male was propelled towards the ground by law enforcement officers’ implementing the curfew. The shoving of the elderly made his head strike the hard pavement, causing multiple internal injuries and bleeding from his ears.

The older individual was later taken to the emergency room in an ambulance and was later diagnosed with critical head injuries. The initial report by the police officers on scene stated that the older man accidentally tripped during the chaos of the crowd. But later, an evidential video surfaced, after which both police officers were suspended indefinitely without payment.

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