Pandemic COVID-19 Is Hitting the Global Food Industry

CVID-19 Is Engulfing All Industries All Over the World Except Pharmaceutical Industry

Endless Global Economic Destruction

Pandemic COVID-19 is hitting the global food industry and severely suffering, as millions of people have been put out of work, as industrial sector from one end to the other end of the world have shut down as the spread of infection has been confirmed in 210 countries and territories across the world. The total number of 1,889,062 individuals has been up till confirmed with having the virus in their blood. 117,596 people have died worldwide after being under the critical condition of COVID-19.

Food Supply issues across the world

As the global pandemic of COVID-19 has affected every business across the world, along with multiple countries under extreme country-wide lockdowns, food supply chain stores are being threatened, which in turn is increasing food insecurity. Pandemic COVID-19 is hitting the global food industry, as it is putting the huge strain of the food supply chains, due to reduced working of farms, agricultural inputs, shipping, and retail stores.

Pandemic COVID-19 is hitting the global food industry, which will affect food scarcity soon due to closure of international borders, restrictions in movements, shipping disruptions, temporary shutdown of the aviation industry. This is causing huge hindrances in food production and transportation of goods across the globe.

Due to the grounding of thousands of aircraft from multiple airlines, the whole airline industry is suffering from massive economic loss, which is affecting the stranded containers of necessary products, including food, medicines, and other everyday needs. As pandemic COVID-19 is hitting the global food industry, the poor sector of the world will be the first and mostly to get affected by the reduced rations of availability of food.

To help the world, as pandemic COVID-19 is hitting the global food industry in the near future, private companies are being called to provide immediate action against the food catastrophe, which might help to soften the blow. To limit the chances of having a food and humanitarian crisis across the world as pandemic COVID-19 is hitting the global food industry, governmental sector, businesses, international agencies, along with the general population is required to take immediate action.  

China’s advances in technology might help the world

Mainland China is the country that has suffered the most due to being ground zero for the COVID-19 pandemic since December 2019 to the point where thousands of confirmed COVID-19 cases were being reported daily. To solve the further spread of the infection, the strict lockdown was implemented, which is still undergoing several Chinese cities. Businesses in all sectors were massively disrupted, along with the huge economic recession of the country.

As China has previously suffered through food shortage from 1958 to 1962, during which millions of individuals died from famine in the country. To prevent history from repeating itself, the country has now undergone multiple advancements to improve their food security and investing in the seed business. As pandemic COVID-19 is hitting the global food industry, this act by China might soften the blow for the rest of the world.

The government has provided $20 million to help revive the agricultural sector of the country along with using agricultural drones and unmanned vehicles, which would help keep the supply chain stores working without the fear of further transmission of the infection. Those individuals who are working on farms on a daily basis are being provided with personal protective gear by the government of the country along with disinfectants to limit the exposure of the virus.

Australia’s export during COVID-19 pandemic

Australia is currently facing huge pressure on its export, as the country normally exports 65% of its agricultural byproducts. The main reason is the decline in the airline industry, which is providing hindrances in exporting food products after the reduction in the number of flights and increased rates. Alternate routes are being discussed for the export of food products as pandemic COVID-19 is hitting the global food industry, which can create a severe crisis in the near future if not timely, solved.

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