Pakistani Hospitals Are Full Of COVID-19 Patients

The Health Care System of the Country Is Under Immense Pressure

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Numerous hospitals in Pakistan are struggling to find space for coronavirus patients as the number of COVID-19 cases is drastically increasing in the country. Pakistani hospitals are full of COVID-19 patients as the number of confirmed coronavirus patients diagnosed has reached 151,000. In the last few weeks, the country has seen multiple days of the record number of new coronavirus cases and the number of deaths associated with this deadly virus. The thousands of doctors have become overwhelmed with this dramatic rise in coronavirus patients, pleading for some breathing space as hospitals are completely full with the patients.

Escalation of coronavirus pandemic in Pakistan

In the last few weeks, there have been a record number of newly diagnosed cases in Pakistan for multiple consecutive days, along with a high rise in the number of deaths due to the non-availability of medical equipment and resources, especially ventilators. The major hospitals in the country that are facilitated with the adequate medical equipment for the treatment of coronavirus have been filled to the brink of their allocated capacity.

Pakistani hospitals are full of COVID-19 patients as around 25,000 of COVID-19 testing is being done across Pakistan, which double the amount is recommended by the World Health Organization. The new cases are being sent back home, to be quarantined and isolated inside their residence until they are completely healed, or they ultimately die due to no proper medical resources. Even though the official recorded the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases is more than 150,000, it is expected that the original count of coronavirus cases across Pakistan is much higher.

On Thursday, 6,397 cases were recorded across Pakistan, along with 107 deaths in a single day. Due to these continuously increases coronavirus cases, Pakistani hospitals are full of COVID-19 patients, and the entire health care system of the country is on the brink of collapse.

The healthcare staff, including doctors and nurses, is also contacting the infection while treating numerous patients. Even though the staff wears the proper personal protective equipment and maintain adequate distancing while treating as Pakistani hospitals are full of COVID-19 patients. Multiple doctors and health care workers have become the target of physical assault from several angry and desperate families.

As Pakistan is currently reporting thousands of coronavirus patients being diagnosed in the country, it has reached the list of top ten countries where the infectious pathogen is on a high rise. As Pakistani hospitals are full of COVID-19 patients, the World Health Organization wrote a letter to the government of Pakistan. It criticized the approach used to tackle the growing issue along with recommendations to reimpose lockdown inside the country.

It is expected by the medical experts in the country that the coronavirus pandemic will rise to its peak level in the month of July and August. It is possible that the total number of coronavirus patients would reach the number about 900,000, providing additional strain to the already collapsing health care system of the country as Pakistani hospitals are full of COVID-19 patients.

Economic recession inside Pakistan amid coronavirus outbreak

As the number of coronavirus cases is increasing in Pakistan, the economic stability of the country is drastically decreasing. The wave of panic is spreading across the country as multiple individuals in numerous families are dying due to the infectious pathogen.

Numerous shops and businesses have been closed down due to which the traders and businessmen are suffering financially. Tens of thousands of people who earn their wages daily are under immense strain and pressure financially as they are unable to gain income due to the increasing hysteria of coronavirus. It is expected by the World Bank that the economic situation of Pakistan will decrease by 0.2% in the next financial year. Out of 74 million jobs in Pakistan, 18 million jobs are expected to be lost.

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