Pakistani Actress Assaulted By A Wife (Daughter of Malik Riaz)

Uzma And Huma Khan Were Harassed, Assaulted And Traumatized Inside Their Home

Uzma And Huma Khan Were Harassed, Assaulted And Traumatized Inside Their Home

There is an ongoing investigation in Pakistan regarding a Pakistani actress assaulted by a wife while she was inside her home. There is evidence footage posted on several social media platforms to support the claims to lodge a case. According to the video footage, there were three women along a twelve guards armed with firearms that were seen entering the house of Uzma Khan in Lahore. The guards were seen to be destroying the property, along with assaulting and interrogating the female actress along with her sister.

Reason for assault on Uzma Khan

There has been a very dramatic series of events that occurred in the house of Uzma Khan. Out of the three women showed in the video, two were the daughters of Malik Riaz, Pakistan’s most influential and powerful business tycoon, and a real estate dealer. Malik Riaz had excused himself from the events that occurred between Pakistani actress assaulted by a wife as he calls the event as disgraceful incidents.

The daughters of Malik Riaz have given no public statement regarding the events that took place. The other woman who was named in the first incident report is Amna Usman Malik and has publicly posted a video to defend her actions along with severe accusations on Uzma Khan of having an affair with her married husband.

There is little to no mention of the events that took place between a Pakistani actress assaulted by a wife who accused her of an alleged affair on the mainstream media of the country. But the social networking sites are completely consumed by the drama that occurred between both parties, showing some insight into the personal vendettas and politics between the elite classes of Pakistan, along with the media’s role in it.

Video footage showing the events of the incident

The series of events occurred on Saturday night, hours before the commencement of Eid festival across the country. Eid is a holy event that is celebrated by Muslims across the world for fasting during the whole month of Ramadan. A proper police investigation has begun after multiple videos shared on social media regarding the incident.

A formal police complaint has been filed against the three women and all guards present at the scene of breaking and entering the house of the Pakistani actress assaulted by a wife, as she and her sister suffering through blunt force trauma along with damaging the property.

In one part of the video which shows Pakistani actress assaulted by a wife, Amna Usman was heard asking questions to Uzma Khan regarding her alleged affair with her husband, Usman Malik. Aman Usman is seen to be accompanied by Amber and Pashmina Malik, daughters of Malik Riaz.

In another part of the video, Amna Usman was seen to be harassing and abusing Uzman Khan and Huma Khan. Brocken shreds of glass were scattered on the floor along with multiple blood stains alongside them.

Out of the three women accused of assault and harassment, one is clearly heard on the video, threatening Uzma and Huma Khan of kidnapping by the Islamic Secret Intelligence Service. There have been alleged rumors that ISI is responsible for disappearing several people illegally without any trace. All allegations have been denied by the military police department.

In the third part of the video, Uzma Khan can be seen clearly distressed as the Pakistani actress assaulted by a wife for an alleged charge of an extramarital affair. Both sisters had just ended their AITEKAF, (a period of 10 days of complete isolation from all individuals to spend the last remaining days of Ramadan in worshipping Allah) when Usman Malik came to their house uninvited to offer them greetings for Eid.

As soon as Usman Malik left the house, Amna Usman entered the house by force and directed her anger towards both sisters.

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