Pakistan Celebrates 73 Years Of Independence With Traditional Passion

Citizens Celebrated The Day With Zeal And Patriotism

Citizens Celebrated The Day With Zeal And Patriotism

Across the country, the general population of Pakistan celebrated their 73 years of independence from its neighboring country India after multiple struggles and countless sacrifices with tradition passion and zeal. The Independence Day of Pakistan reminds the people living in the country about the hard work, fights, and sacrifices their ancestors had to do in order to get a new and free homeland in which their upcoming generations would live in peace and harmony.

The day starts with the change of guard’s ceremony that is held at Mazaar-e-Iqbal and Mazaar-e-Quaid in Lahore and Karachi, respectively, as they were some of the leaders present at the Frontline to get a separate country from the Muslim population present in the Sub-continent. To show respect towards the homeland, all public and private offices across the country hold a flag hoisting ceremony along with special programs to observe the independence day of Pakistan. For the last 73 years of independence days held in Pakistan, small traditional events are held across the country to celebrate the day.

Independence Day celebration amid coronavirus pandemic

During the numerous celebrations that occurred during the 73rd day of Independence of Pakistan amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected more than 286,000 individuals across the country, all necessary precautions were taken. Usage of facemasks and hand sanitizers were mandatory during all celebrations across the country while following social distancing protocols. All participants were monitored throughout the celebration by using thermal cameras, and all indoor event areas were completed ventilated at intervals. The country has gone through numerous hardships during its 73 years of independence from India.

President and Prime Minister of Pakistan

On this 73 years of independence day celebrated this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, messages were shared by the country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Arif Alvi, who during their speeches bough to mind the limitless sacrifices of their forefathers and those fearless individuals who selflessly fought and gave their lives to protect the country. President Arif Alvi has requested the nation to maintain peace and work toward the prosperity and progress of Pakistan. He also urged the general population of the country to stay united with each other in order to combat the challenges that Pakistan is currently facing on multiple fronts.

President Alvi noted that the country is facing multiple challenges since the 73 years of independence and has now about to reach its tipping point, but improvements have begun in various departments across Pakistan. He also applauded Prime Minister Imran Khan as his government is working against the increasing corruption and development of the country.

Imran Khan gave his wishes in a series of tweets from the Prime Minister’s Office twitter account, saying that on this occasion that marks the 73 years of independence, we all should reflect how far we have achieved the ideals which lead towards the creation of a peaceful and independent nation. He also admired and honored the military personnel who laid down their lives towards the cause while protecting and defending the territory and ideology of their motherland. Imran Khan also pledged that will continue towards pursuing the ideology of the founder of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

From hostility of their neighboring country, while knowing their hegemonic intensions, too afflicting terrorism and calmly coping with natural disasters and fighting with the coronavirus pandemic, our country has always shown perseverance and resilience. Both the Prime Minister and President used the platform to direct the attention of the citizens of Pakistan towards the inhumane and gross human rights violation that is happening right now by the Indian armed forces in the disputed territory of Kashmir.

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