Over 200,000 Deaths Expected In the USA

Infected Patients Are Increasing Across the Country

Infected Patients Are Increasing So Over 200,000 Deaths Expected In the USA

Due to the increasingly fast rate of spread of COVID 19 in the world, especially in the United States, it is now believed that over 200,000 deaths expected in the USA due to the infection, which would be massive compared to other epicenters of the virus including mainland China and Italy. The number of infected patients is increasing ten folds even after enacting all the preventive protocols across the country.

All non-essential travel is restricted including going to the place and dining out at all gatherings of more than ten individuals are banned across the United States, but even after all the protective measures, it has been calculated that over 200,000 deaths expected in the USA and the general population are now facing this grim prospect of events.

Trump’s views regarding COVID 19

According to the President of the United States Donald Trump, He is very hopeful that the country would be able to fight against this viral infection in a matter of months. He is expecting that by June 1, 2020, America would be on the path towards recovery against COVID 19. This expectation might not work according to his plan like the previous ones as over 200,000 deaths expected in the USA by the pandemic, and no proper antidote has been yet created to eradicate the virus.

The country has entered its third week of city-wide lockdown as the crisis is increasing day by day with no measure insight to fight against COVID 19 which has already plagued 738679 across the globe out of which 156, 317 were able to fully recover back to optimum health after acquiring the virus.

The death toll has reached 35, 012, but over 200,000 deaths expected in the USA after several thousands of the general population of the United States is being tested positive for having COVID 19 even after it is being urged by the government of the country to follow the protocol of social distancing.

According to the leading expert in infectious diseases in the United States, he would not be surprised if the death count in the country would exceed over 100,000. Over 200000 deaths expected in the USA would be possible due to the massive general population of the country.

The reason behind as over 200000 deaths expected in the USA

The reason behind this statement is because the same scenario has been observed in various countries who have previously suffered the virus, including China and Italy. In Spain, the average 35 individuals are dying due to the infection, and the death count has surpassed 7,000 people over the weekend. This also provides an overview that the pandemic could be prolonged.  Several European cities are entering hibernation, which was ordered by the government to limit the spread of further infection, which has plagued their countries.

Over 200,000 deaths expected in the USA as the virus is spreading across the country very fast, even after President Trump has put major US cities into lockdown along with banning non-essential travel.

Italy has recorded 11,000 deaths up till now, which were caused by COVID 19, and the numbers continue to rise. As the daily death toll has started to reduce, it is being encouraged by the government to the general public to still stay at home and follow social distancing. The city-wide restrictions are still enacted, and the government will take some time before the restrictions on the city would be removed.

The United States of America is suffering as there is a massive spike in the infection number of individuals in New York, New Orleans, and Detroit, which is expected to spread in various other cities across the country.

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