One-Third of NHS Staff Has Coronavirus in the UK

Around 6,000 Workers Have Been Tested Positive for COVID-19

Protection of Health Staff Must Give Priority

One-third of NHS staff has coronavirus in the UK, and the total count have reached up to 5,733 individuals who make 34% of the entire National Health Service workers. COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly increasing all across the globe and has been reported in 210 countries and territories worldwide since its outbreak in mainland China in December 2019.

According to the data made public on Monday by NHS, 16,888 workers fall under the category of key workers and their households, who are either currently showing symptoms or living with those individuals who are infected by COVID-19, are being tested. Up till now, 34% of these people have been confirmed to have the infection in their bloodstream. This total amount does not include those NHS staff that is asymptomatic and does not live with anyone who has the infection.

NHS staff’s protection against COVID-19 pandemic

United Kingdom government has been under a lot of pressure regarding the testing of COVID-19 of health workers along with their immediate families, which would greatly improve their access to the required personal protective gear during the treatment of infectious patients. After testing, it has been observed that more than one-third of NHS staff has coronavirus in the UK.

Previously, Health secretary Matt Hancock said to test all NHS staff regardless of their symptomatic history. But due to the reduced number of testing in the United Kingdom as compared to the rest of European countries, symptomatic workers are prioritized for testing. The results are not surprising as one-third of NHS staff has coronavirus in the UK after being in continuous close proximity with other contagious infectious personals.

Secretary Hancock has started to provide the increased number of COVID 19 testing kits to expand testing from 10,000 to 100,000 teats daily by the end of April as the toll of infectious COVID-19 patients have escalated to 93, 873 individuals across the United Kingdom, including one-third of NHS staff has coronavirus in the UK which might have transmitted through water droplets during treatment.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at least 19 staff workers of the NHS have died after battling through the infection. It has been reported that one-third of NHS staff has coronavirus in the UK, which is rapidly spreading further among the workers due to the non-availability of required protection gear for the treatment of patients of COVID-19.

Multiple complaints have been reported by the Royal college of Nursing that British nurses do not have the required protective equipment to prevent themselves from getting the infection, for which some have even refused to care for the patients.

COVID 19 in the United Kingdom

Up till now, only 382,650 COVID-19 tests have been made inside the United Kingdom since January, which is very less compared to other countries due to the reduced amount of resources for which the government is working round the clock to provide the working staff with the accessibility of personal protective equipment to prevent them from acquiring the infection as it has been confirmed that one-third of NHS staff has coronavirus in the UK.

Across the United Kingdom 12,107 patients have died after suffering through severe symptoms of COVID 19 infection, which include high fever, fatigue, muscle weakness, the persistent dry cough along with the reduced sensation of smell and taste. Across the globe, 1,979,853 individuals have been confirmed with coronavirus since its outbreak in December last year, out of which 124,918 people have died.

Numbers regarding the spread of infection are increasing rapidly by the second as new cases are being reported globally. The COVID-19 pandemic is providing a major reduction in the global population, along with the massive global economic recession, which would require more than a year to get back on its normal pace.

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