Nuclear-Capable Hypersonic Missile Test Denied by China

The Platform for Hypersonic Missiles Has Been Shown Off by China During A Recently Held Military Parade

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It has been publicly denied by China regarding reports of testing for a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in the early months of this year and insisted that instead of the trial, it had been a routine check of spacecraft by the military forces of the country.

The initial reports had been published in the newspaper Financial Times, which had prompted several concerns in the United States, where the intelligence of the country had been reportedly caught by surprise, as they had no prior knowledge regarding this development.

China’s speedy military advancements

The nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles have a much faster speed than the average ballistic missiles along with increased agility, which means that this new technology of missiles would be very difficult to intercept timely for the defense mechanisms. This news has come amid the growing concerns regarding the nuclear capabilities of China.

On Monday, the spokesperson for the foreign ministry of China, Zhao Lijian, stated during a press conference that a routine trial had been conducted in the month of July for the verification of the different kinds of spacecraft technology that could be reusable and help the country, to hide the actual news of space test conduction for the nuclear-capable hypersonic missile.

He said that the trial did not involve a missile but had been spacecraft. And the test is of great significance due to the fact that it would help in the reduction of cost for the usage of spacecraft in future outer space endeavors.

He further added that several countries have carried out similar kinds of tests in recent past years. When asked regarding the article in Financial Times regarding the news of nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles in China, he replied in affirmative.

The report that has gained public access on Saturday had quoted from five different sources that have been unnamed due to security purposes, who stated that a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile had been launched into the atmosphere in the summer months. The missile had flown through the low-orbit space before it cruised down and landed, narrowly missing its predetermined target.

According to the report, the trial had shown that China had been able to make astonishing progress in the hypersonic weapons system and have a much-advanced level than previously realized by the United States officials.

Weapons improvements

It has later been stated by a senior member of Congress that the apparent testing of the nuclear-capable hypersonic missile made by China should serve the country of the United States as a call to act. A Republican member of the House Armed Services Committee, Mike Gallagher, stated that if America continued to stick with its current approach in military matters, it would be unable to win a Cold War against China within 10 years.

The China and United States relations are tense, with China accusing the current United States administration of President Joe Biden of being hostile towards them. Multiple countries located in the Western region of the world have also recently expressed their concerns at the recent display of military power by China.

The director of defense, strategy, and national security, Michael Shoebridge, working at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, stated that if a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile has been tested out, that would fit in the pattern of nuclear escalation along with other weapons of mass destruction.

He further added that he does not think that it is of more significance than the growing amount of missile silos by China, or the air-launch nuclear weapons, or newly developed submarine nuclear weapons, but it does fit into the pattern of increased quantity of military capability without being transparent about it. The concept of transparency is an alienated concept for the strategic thinkers of China.

The display by China of platforms for hypersonic missile launch during a recent military display suggests advanced weapons systems in the military forces of the country.

Along with China, at least five other countries along with Russia and the United States are currently working on the technology of nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles, as it would give these developed countries an edge in technological advancement in weapons of mass destruction.

The hypersonic missiles have the capability to be able to travel at five times the speed of sound, and similar to that of a ballistic missile, they can easily deliver a nuclear warhead in case of war.

In the previous month, hypersonic missiles testing was done by North Korea, while Russia has also made some similar advancements in military technologies and had launched a missile from a frigate present in the White Sea.

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