North Korea Tested Hypersonic Missile: South Korea’s Military Sources

A Short-Range Cruise Missile Was Launched by North Korea Towards the East Coast on Tuesday

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The military forces of North Korea have recently fired a short-range test missile towards the sea located on the east coast of the country in the early hours on Tuesday, according to the military of South Korea. The test has occurred as the ambassador of North Korea gave his statement at the United Nations saying that no other country has the authority to deny the right owned by Pyongyang for self-defense or to test military-grade weapons.

In the early days of the month of September, a test was conducted by North Korea when they fired both long-range cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. But a few days ago, Pyongyang had also expressed their inclination to engage in talks to relieve tension with South Korea.

The military of the United States said that on Tuesday, they had been completely aware of the missile launch by North Korea, but the missile posed no immediate danger to the personnel of the United States or its allied countries across the world.

However, it has been stated by the US Indo-Pacific Command that the missile launched has been able to highlight the destabilizing impact of the illegitimate weapons program of North Korea.

Agreement between the North and South Korea

The President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, has recently given an order to Seoul’s National Security Council for a thorough analysis regarding any possible intentions behind the launch of the last missile by Pyongyang along with the recently given public statements by the powerful sister of Kim Jong-un, Kim Yo-jong.

A recent statement has been given by Kim Yo-jong, in which she said that they had been open towards the proposal given by President Moon to officially announce a termination to the Korean War, but has given an additional clause that the South is needed to stop first with its intimidating policies.

Nuclear grade weapons

Soon after the latest missile launch by North Korea, the envoy sent by Pyongyang Kim Song gave his statement during the annual United Nations General Assembly that had been held in Ney York that the North has every right to be able to develop, trial, manufacture, and gain possession of military-grade weapons systems.

He added that the nation had been building on their national defenses in an attempt to defend themselves along with having a reliable safeguard to maximize the security and peace of the entire country.

Over the course of previous years, North Korea has made several accusations regarding South Korea for having double standards over the activities of military forces. A recent test was conducted by South Korea when they had launched their first submarine-launched ballistic missile, which it said was needed as deterrence against the provocations made by the North Korean military.

On a separate note, it has been scheduled by Pyongyang to conduct a Supreme People’s Assembly session on Tuesday. Multiple issues, including the education of the nation’s youth, along with changes in the economic plan of North Korea, are expected to be discussed during the annual session of this year.

The nation is currently facing a shortage of food supply and had to spend more than an entire year in complete isolation, as North Korea had shut down all of its borders in order to prevent any possible income of COVID-19 infection, which has caused it to cut off all trading with its closest allied country China.

However, this had not prevented the nation from working continuously on its weapons program. In the month of August this year, the United Nations atomic agency had stated that it has appeared that North Korea has restarted a nuclear reactor, which has the capability to produce plutonium that is majorly utilized in the construction of nuclear weapons for mass destruction. The United Nations called this development by Pyongyang deeply troubling.

In the mid of September, both North and South Korea had run a trial for their ballistic missiles a few hours apart from each other, which has highlighted a possible arms race as talks regarding nuclear grade weapons remain to be stalled with Pyongyang.

Two separate ballistic missiles had been launched by North Korea across its east coast, which has been a freshly made breach of resolutions by the United Nations. The trial launch had come as the nuclear issue posed by North Korea is under discussion between China and South Korea.

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