North Korea Tested 2 Suspected Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles

Ballistic Missiles That Are Launched Off from A Submarine Underwater Are Much More Difficult to Detect

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It has been reported that North Korean military forces have recently fired submarine-launched ballistic missiles into the waters near the coastline of Japan, according to the military of South Korea. The ballistic missiles, which have the ability to be easily launched from a platform built inside a submarine has been unveiled by North Korea in the month of January this year and described this weapon of mass destruction to be the world’s most powerful armament.

This news has been reported after several weeks of the unveiling of a similar kind of weapon to the submarine-launched ballistic missiles by the military forces of South Korea to further strengthen their defenses.

Technological military advancements

In the past recent few weeks, multiple missiles tests have been carried out by Pyongyang, which also includes newly developed hypersonic missiles with the capability to carry a live nuclear warhead and long-range cruise missiles that would be able to hit their target much farther than an average cruise missile along with the recently manufactured submarine-launched ballistic missiles. Some of these trials that have been conducted were in violation of several of the internationally placed sanctions.

The nation of North Korea is specifically prohibited by the United Nations from conducting trials for ballistic missiles, which also includes submarine-launched ballistic missiles that have recently been fired near Japan’s coastline and other kinds of weapons of mass destruction that has nuclear capabilities.

The United Nations considers ballistic missiles to be more threat as compared to cruise missiles due to the fact that they have more ability to carry a powerful payload, including a live nuclear warhead, and have a long-range target along with much faster speed.

On Tuesday, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea stated that one submarine-launched ballistic missile had recently been launched from the Sinpo port, which is located in the eastern side of North Korea, where the country usually bases most of its submarines. The missiles had landed into the East Sea, which is also known as the Sea of Japan, due to its close proximity to the coastline of the country.

According to them, it is not yet fully confirmed, but the ballistic missile is suspected of having been launched from an underwater submarine.

The media outlets of South Korea had reported that this particular submarine-launched ballistic missile is believed to have achieved a speed of 450 kilometers along with a maximum altitude of 60 kilometers from sea level.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, stated that two different ballistic missiles had been launched by North Korea near Japan and called these launch events ‘very regrettable’.

Significance of submarine-launched ballistic missiles

In the month of October in 2019, submarine-launched ballistic missiles had been tested out by North Korea, during which they had fired a Pukguksong-3 from a platform made underwater. At that time, the news agency of the states said that the missiles had been fired at a high angle to provide minimization of any external threat to another country, which could possibly start a war.

However, in the case of the missiles had been launched from an underwater surface on a trajectory that had been set on a standard basis, instead of being completely vertical in nature, the ballistic missile had the capability to travel about 1,900 kilometers. However, that would put both Japan and South Korea within its range.

Allowing the formation of submarine-launched ballistic missiles, would allow the submarine that is carrying the missiles to be close to the target, along with being much harder to be detected and less time for the opposition to intercept it.

The latest launch by North Korea has come after the military of South Korea has also been able to develop their own technologically advanced weapons system, and it is believed that both countries on the Korean peninsula are currently having some kind of an arms race with each other.

This week, the city of Seoul is conducting the largest-ever defense exhibition of South Korea, during which it is expected that they will also be unveiling a newly launched fighter jet, along with some guided weapons, including missile systems. The country of South Korea is also believed to soon launch its own separate space rocket in the near future.

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