North Korea Claimed Firing of a New Hypersonic Missile

Hwasong-8 Missile Has Undergone a Massively Successful Launch Has Been a Major Part of Pyongyang’s Five-Year Military Development Program

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North Korea has recently claimed that they had successfully been able to test out a newly developed hypersonic missile named Hwasong-8 in the morning hours of Tuesday. According to the state media, the new hypersonic missile is a part of one of the five most important newly developed weapons systems that had been laid out in the military development program of North Korea for five years.

Advanced national defense system

North Korea had called the hypersonic missile to be of very strategic importance, which generally means that the weapon is likely to be of nuclear grade. The launch done on Tuesday provides another indication regarding the gradually innovating technological advancements of North Korea’s weapons amid severe sanctions that have been placed upon them.

The state news outlet of North Korea said that the recent development in the weapon system has led towards an increase in the capabilities of North Korea for its self-defense in every way possible. The recent launch of a hypersonic missile also observed the introduction of a missile fuel ampule by North Korea for the very first time, which according to the analyst by North Korea, Ankit Panda is a significant milestone in the development of innovative weapons technology.

This is the kind of technology that allows the missiles to be fueled before launch and then to be sent in the field while being in canisters. This would allow North Korea to be fully launch-ready for many years to come.

This is the third missile launch test that was conducted by North Korea in the same month. Pyongyang has already revealed its newly developed long-range cruise missiles, along with their train-launched ballistic missile system. The launch of the hypersonic missile has come after the envoy of North Korea to the united nation defended the rights of the country during the General Assembly, saying that it is their right to be able to develop new weapons for the safety of their nation.

Kim Song stated that North Korea has been trying to build up its national defense system in order to be able to defend the nation if the need arises, along with having a reliable system of security to safeguard and maintain the peace of North Korea.

Hypersonic missile

The hypersonic missile tends to have more speed and agility than the normally made missiles, which makes it difficult for the missile defense systems to be able to timely intercept them, thus allowing them to successfully hit their target.

After being able to develop their national weapons system to the next advanced level, North Korea has now entered into a small group of countries that have been able to attempt an effective improvement of this weapon of mass destruction, including the United States, India, China, and Russia.

In the month of July, it has been announced by Russia that they had been able to accomplish the launch of a hypersonic missile, which was able to reach the maximum speed of 8659.88 kilometers per hour, which has been launched from a frigate present at that time in the White Sea.

According to a North Korean news outlet, the test launch of a hypersonic missile has confirmed that the missile has the required stability and navigational control.

It has been stated by a Stanton Senior Fellow working at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace that it is very hard at the current point in time to provide assessment regarding the precise set of capabilities that are of the hypersonic missile launched by North Korea. He also added that it could make the possible present a different kind of challenge for the systems developed for missile defense from the traditionally targeted ballistic missiles due to its high-speed variation.

The additional component that has been added to the missile fuel ampule means that this weapon of mass destruction would be ready for immediate launch for an attack at any time for the upcoming multiple years. If a missile does not require to be fueled just before launch in the field, it would require less time to launch and a much quicker attack on the target. The reduction in the launch time also means that it would now be very difficult for other countries to make a pre-emptive plan of action.

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