Nobel Prize In Physics Goes To Black Hole Breakthrough

Black Holes Are Formed From Previously Collapsed Stars

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The group of three scientists has been able to win the Nobel Prize 2020 in the category of Physics for their work regarding the understanding of black hole present in outer space. Andrea Ghez, Reinhard Genzel, and Sir Roger Penrose have been announced to receive the Nobel Prize as this year’s winner during the news conference in the city of Stockholm, Sweden. The Prize money for winning the Nobel Prize regarding an intensive study on a black hole or worth 10 million kronor, equivalent to 864,200 pounds.

Nobel Prize in Physics 2020

The head chair for the category of Physics prize stated that this year’s award commemorates one of the most unnatural and distant objects present across the universe. A black hole is basically special regions located in the outer spaces, were inside the gravitational pull has the immense force due to which not even light rays are able to pass through to the outside.

It has been comprehensibly demonstrated by Sir Roger that the formation of a black hole is an unavoidable consequence of the theory of general relativity by Albert Einstein.  Half of the prize money for the Nobel Award on the black hole will be given to Sir Roger Penrose, while the other half will be divided equally between Ghez and Genzel.

Professor Andrea Ghez is the fourth woman in the history who has won the Nobel Prize in Physics, out of more than 200 candidates for the year 1901. The rest of the three recipients are awarded the Nobel Prize in the Physics category are Marie Curie, Donna Strickland, and Maria Mayer.

The black hole was first identified in the 18th century. After this, with the help of the general relativity theory by Einstein, the object was discovered in much detail. Black holes are extremely complex objects. It was believed by multiple researchers that the black holes are nothing except a mathematical artifact, which is only existent on a piece of paper. It was confirmed several years later that a black hole could also exist in real life in the real world.

Black holes are complex, exotic objects

According to the head of the physics prize committee, the work of Sir Roger regarding the black hole has been understood with the help of mathematics that also helped the introduction of some of the new tools which facilitated in the process of proving the natural development. Black holes are formed by the collapse of a star in outer space.

Sir Roger Penrose stated that he had laid down the theoretical foundation for these objects. They can be found if someone looks out for them. In the year 1965, he was able to publish his paper in which he shows that the black hole located in the outer space has the ability to hide singularities, a borderline where time and space ends.

During the research, the mathematical concept regarding trapped surfaces was an important aspect of the characterization of these distant space objects. A trapped surface has multiple forces that compel the rays toward the center point of the sphere, regardless of its curves, wither located inwards or outwards.

Once the matter in the star begins to collapse towards the formation of a new black hole, and the formation of the trapped surface is complete, no power could stop the process from continuing forward.

Similarly, all the matter which is able to cross through inside a black hole in one direction is unable to change its route, as every particle of matter is carried forward towards an unavoidable end at the singularity. The sizes of blackholes vary, some are small, but some could be big enough to fit inside a billion times the mass of the sun located in our Milky Way.

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