Nobel Peace Prize 2020 Goes To UN World Food Programme

WFP Has Become the 101st Recipient of Nobel Peace Award for Efforts to Reduce World Hunger

WFP Has Become the 101st Recipient of Nobel Peace Award to Reduce World Hunger

Due to the combined hard work and numerous efforts to combat famine and hunger across multiple regions around the world, the United Nations World Food Programme has been awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. According to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, the World Food Programme has provided hard work and required action to limit and prevent the increasing issue of hunger, which was being used as a major weapon in conflicts and wars in various areas globally.

The Nobel Peace Prize award also comings with the reward payment of 10 million Swedish Krona, which is equivalent to $1.1 million.

United Nations WFP to prevent hunger across the globe

The United Nations World Food Programme is the 101st winner for the Nobel Peace Prize, stating that they are deeply happy and humbled by the presentation of the award to their cause. It has been tweeted by the Nobel Prize Committee that the Peace award is given to the World Food Programme as it completely deserves, and is awarded in recognition of the hard and exhausting work done by the working staff of the program on a daily basis.

The WFP is an organization that provides assistance and food to more than 100 million young children, men, and women worldwide.

The director of the World Food Programme stated that by being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, he is completely lost of words to express his feelings and emotions for the first time. For this year’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination, more than 107 organizations and 201 individuals were considered.

According to a rule of the Nobel Foundation, the shortlisted nominations for receiving a Nobel Prize are not allowed to be published for public consumption within fifty years of considerations. Any and all speculations for the nominations that have been made ahead of the official announcement are completely based on absolute guesswork. For the Nobel Peace Prize 2020, Greta Thunberg, a climate activist, and the World Health Organization was among the favorite nominees for the award.

Remarks by the Nobel Peace Committee regarding the 2020 award

The Chairwoman of the Nobel Committee, Berit Reiss-Andersen, stated that the Norwegian Nobel Committee for the Nobel Peace Prize 2020 wanted to turn the 7 billion pair of eyes towards those millions of individuals who are suffering and dying from the imminent threat from extreme hunger.

To combat the growing issue of famine in major regions across the world, the World Food Programme is playing an important part in making the availability and security of food an instrument and sign of peace, which has been made possible by multilateral cooperation.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of the World Food Programme has also taken a boost. As the transmission of COVID-19 infection has affected every area around the globe, numerous individuals have suffered and became victims of hunger, and to combat the escalating issue, the World Food Programme has demonstrated the ability to perform with intensified efforts impressively.

Previous Winners of Nobel Peace Prize

The last year winner of the Nobel Peace Prize was the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, for his extremely hard work to implement a peace treaty by completely ending the twenty-year continuous military stalemate, which was followed thorough form 1998-2000 border war till 2019.

In the year 2009, the ex-President of the United States, Barack Obama, won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to further strengthen the international diplomatic cooperation and relations between countries and people.

Other noteworthy receivers of the Nobel Peace Prize include Malala Yousafzai (the year 2014), United States President Jimmy Carter (the year 2002), and Mother Teresa (the year 1979).

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