No Space for Cremation in Delhi Due to Masses of COVID Deaths

United States, Saudi Arabia and Other Countries Have Provided Medical Aid During These Desperate Times

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The government officials in Delhi have recently been urged to find more locations for the process of cremation as the crematoriums and morgues throughout the city have become overwhelming with mass corpses due to the increasing number of mortalities caused by the COVID-19 in India. The second wave of coronavirus infection across the South East Asian country has caused a reduction in the site of cremation in Delhi along with various major cities across the region.

Struggling population of India

On Friday, more than 386,452 new recently diagnosed active confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection have been reported in a single day, which has also become the biggest record of one-day rise in any country throughout the world. There have been around 3,500 mortalities reported nationwide, out of which about 400 were in the capital city of India, causing loss of space in numerous sites used for the purpose of cremation in Delhi, which has become a record for the major city.

The total amount of diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in India have now surpassed the amount of 18 million, leading to increased masses of COVID deaths across the country an overwhelming of locations used for cremations in Delhi.

The first consignment for the emergency medical supplies has arrived in the country on Friday from the United States, which is a part of the support the White House has started to provide India, which would be worth more than $100 million.

Although the hospital beds along with supplies of oxygen have still remained to be in an extremely desperate shortage throughout the country of India, while the relatives of patients struggling from a critical condition caused by the COVID-19 infection are currently pleading for help on multiple social media platforms. The cremation in Delhi and other major cities is being done in parking lots or parks to accommodate.

One senior officer at the Delhi police department has said that the people residing in the country were having to cremate their members of the family who had died after suffering from the deadly viral infection in crematoriums which are not designed to take the individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 infection.

The officer also stated that his suggestion is for more sites of cremation in Delhi and other major cities across the country should be set up as the masses of COVID deaths in India are rapidly increasing on a daily basis.

The Health Ministry of India has recently released a guideline with thorough details for the handling along with the process of cremation who have recently died after suffering from a severe medical condition in the past few weeks. Special preventive measures are set to be required while handling to avoid any risk of potential reinfection, which could ultimately cause further local transmission of infection.

Supreme Court decision

The central government of India is currently facing a massive amount of criticism from across the world regarding their poor handling of the preventive measures amid the coronavirus pandemic, including loss of space for cremation in Delhi, along with their decision taken for allowing large gathering for election rallied along with religious festivals which had occurred in the past recent few weeks, which might also be one of the causes in the aggravation of the transmission of the deadly viral infection.

On the last Friday of the month of April, the Supreme Court of the country has defended the rights of its citizens for the expression of grievance and appealing to social media platform for help during the current crisis which the general population is struggling from amid the coronavirus pandemic, including cremation in Delhi. The Court has also warned that the actions to be taken by the authorities for stopping people would be treated as part of contempt of Court.

This has come after the authorities at Twitter were asked to remove numerous posts which were in criticism to the government in the earlier days of this week, including a reduction in space for cremation in Delhi and various other major cities across the country.

The health minister of the country has defended the Indian government on Thursday, stated that the fatality rate of India had been the lowest throughout the world, and the amount of oxygen had been in adequate amount.

Currently, the oxygen supply is being made available, which had come from various sources, including aid from several countries from abroad, and the cryogenic containers and storage spaces are also being prepared. Meanwhile, cremation in Delhi is being done in parks to accommodate the increasing influx.

The White House has said to donate around 15 million total N95 masks. The United States military plane, which landed in the city of Delhi in the early morning of Friday, was loaded with one million rapid tests for COVID-19 along with 100,000 N95 face masks.

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