No Quarantine Required for Fully Jabbed from EU and US Arrivals in UK

EU Encouraged Its State Members to Gradually Lift Restrictions of Travel for The United Kingdom

Senior cabinet ministers are currently in discussion regarding no quarantine and allowing individuals that have been fully vaccinated who are traveling either from the United States or the European Union to arrive in England. A recent review is to be conducted of the regulations of border crossing, which is due by July 31, a second date in the plans made by the Department for Transport for return to travel internationally with safety measures.

Removal of quarantine restrictions

The COVID Operations committee developed by the government of the United Kingdom was scheduled to conduct a meeting on the morning of Wednesday regarding the allowance of no quarantine for fully jabbed travelers. Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, stated that a decision is likely to be taken shortly.

At the time, individuals that have received complete dosages of COVID-19 vaccine across the United Kingdom does not have to undergo any quarantine measures after traveling from the European Union and the United States, apart from France, as the nation is currently placed in the amber list, as some of the countries across the European Union are on the green list. Although this exemption of no quarantine, which is a mandatory requirement, is applicable to those people who have received their vaccination jab outside of the United Kingdom.

Downing Street, along with the Department for Transport, has declined to provide any comments on the reports published in a newspaper that the government is expected to go ahead with the previously made plans to exempt individuals and allow them to follow no quarantine measures that have been vaccinated in the European Union and the United States.

The entire travel industry has been trying to push for the recently made changes, including no quarantine in the regulation so that individuals that had been living abroad can have easier access to come in the United Kingdom for celebrating holidays with their families or be able to visit their loved ones for a short duration.

According to the travel expert Simon Calder, at the current moment, they are struggling in a ridiculous situation where if he is on a place which has departed from Spain, and he is lucky enough to have received his complete COVID-19 vaccination, once he had arrived in the United Kingdom, he would be allowed to go with no quarantine measure, which is mandatory for other travelers who got their vaccinations from other countries and would be required to stay isolated for the time duration of ten days.

Trial for vaccination check

The aviation industry is trying to call for a change in the regulations after they have recently conducted a trial comprising of 10 days that included checking the status of passengers regarding COVID-19 vaccination.

Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, along with Heathrow Airport, wanted to give a demonstration that the status of COVID vaccination could be checked while the travelers are away from the border and allow safe entry into the United Kingdom from nations that are currently placed on the amber list.

According to the trial, it has been said by the companies that almost 99% of the verified document during the time involved around 250 completely vaccinated individuals arriving from the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean and had been traveling to Heathrow airport.

Two traveling passengers were rejected based on credentials, and one was as their vaccination was completed within 14 days prior to flight, while the other traveler was rejected as the name written on the passport did not match with the one written on the vaccine card.

The international travel ban lifting is falling behind schedule for the United Kingdom like the rest of the European Union is trying to reopen international travel restrictions with no quarantine measures for vaccinated passengers.

Chief executive of British Airways Sean Doyle said that the trial conducted on the travelers to the United Kingdom had given the required evidence to support the claim that the government is required to allow individuals who have been fully jabbed with COVID vaccine and are visiting from low-risk countries to the United Kingdom should continue moving across the region with no quarantine that is a mandatory requirement for 10 days.

In the past 18 months, almost no tourists have visited the United Kingdom, which is a huge reduction in the amount as prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 80% of the tourist visitors were from the United States and European Union.

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