No new local coronavirus transmissions in China

Chinese government now helping other countries against the pandemic.

Happy News: No New Local Coronavirus Transmissions in China

The novel coronavirus is a type of infection that is transmitted easily by droplets and is highly contagious. It comes in the category with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which spread and caused chaos around the years around 10 years ago. Similarly, COVID 19 has been the root cause as to why the world has come to a standstill with major cities throughout the world under lockdown.

The infection was first reported in the city of Wuhan, China, and is rumored to have spread into multiple individuals in the local seafood market in December 2019. Three months later, after the virus’s first confirmed case, there is no new local coronavirus transmissions in China, which is a massive achievement against the novel coronavirus.

The novel coronavirus has spread to more than 170 countries around the world, with the number of infected patients has reached 241,553, and the death toll has risen to 9,982. The upside of this infection is that people are easily able to recover after being quarantined for 14 days as the virus dies in the time period.

The number of recovered patients has reached 86,689 and counting. The largest numbers of infected patients are from China s it was the origin ground for COVID 19, but after the government’s efforts, it has been reported that there is no new local coronavirus transmissions in China. After China, now Italy is the epicenter of the infection and has the second most confirmed cases of the pandemic after mainland China.

No more new cases being reported

After the Chinese government’s massive and timely efforts, it has been reported that no new local coronavirus transmissions in China, which is a big step towards the eradication of the virus from all over the world. The new cases which are seen in China involve the people who have recently traveled to China from someplace else. No new local coronavirus transmissions in China is a huge milestone against the pandemic, and evidence that is proper protective measures should be followed by both patients and non-infected personals, the infection can be fought with.

This provides a turnaround for the government of China after the initial mismanagement and concealment of the virus, which has now lead to the recession of the global economy, and multiple industries around the world are severely affected by it.

Due to the missteps, first, the infections spread rapidly in the whole country and then later have spread to all four corners of the earth and the reason why people are even afraid to come out of their homes.

Even as no new local coronavirus transmissions in China, the infection has worked rather fast and has cost the lives of hundreds of innocent souls and severe emotional trauma along with global economic loss, which will not be able to stand back together anytime soon. Even though no new local coronavirus transmissions in China have been confirmed in the last couple of days, 34 new cases have been reported in people who have traveled recently from overseas, out of which eight individuals have died.

Beyond Mainland China

After the news that no new local coronavirus transmissions in China, the global rate of infection is increasing rather severely, and the concentration of COVID 19 is towards Europe and America. To fight against the pandemic, Italy, France, Spain, and multiple other countries are following the example of China and applying necessary policies, including lockdowns, even if they might seem like an overreaction, but are a requirement to stop the virus from infecting more.

All public places have been shut down, the personal business has come to the point of declining, and the airline industry is getting hit the most as countries have closed their borders for all non-citizen individuals.

China, after tackling the virus, is now helping other countries who are heavily affected by this global crisis by providing the necessary medical supplies, testing kits, and face masks. Medical teams specialized in tackling the situation are being sent to Europe as a courtesy by China to avoid further outbreaks.

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