Nigerian School Girls Freed

Around 300 Girls Were Abducted From Boarding School For A Week And Kept Hidden Inside A Dense Forest By Armed Criminals

the north-western region of Nigeria in the past week have recently been released from captivity. TheNigeriaschool girls who were abducted directly from their boarding school by a team of unidentified gunmen in the state of Zamfara on Friday and were later taken into a dense forest away from the school premises, according to the report by the local police department.

Boarding school kidnapping

The governor of the state gave a public statement in which he verified that the Nigerian school girls have been successfully freed from the abductors and are now in safe custody. Such type of kidnappings are generally carried out in the region for a large sum of ransom and are usually commonly happening in the northern region of Nigeria.

Dozens of Nigerian school girls were observed while gathering at a government building located in Zamfara after they were transported through several mini-buses from the site of the abduction. Governor Bello Matawalle gave his response on Twitter after the Nigerian school girls were transported to a safe location, in which he stated that he is happy and satisfied that the abducted students have been released from captivity. Several hurdles were laid against the efforts by the local police department, after which they were able to safely release the students.

The governor also wrote that he is rejoicing with all the other well-meaning Nigerians as our daughters have successfully and safely reached their homes.

According to the authorities, 279 Nigeria school girls were abducted, and the previously given statement in which they had stated the abduction of 317 girls was inaccurate. One of the officials said that the discrepancy in the number of girls abducted is due to the fact that some of the girls were able to flee shortly after they were abducted by the gunmen.

One of the abducted girls gave a statement saying that most of the Nigerian school girls got injured shortly after being kidnapped and were not able to walk. The abductors threatened the girls to continue walking in the forest, or they would shoot them. The girls walked further deep in the forest and across a river, after which they hid the girls and let them rest under the shrubs inside the forest.

Abduction in Nigeria become routine

The release of the Nigerian school girls was secured through several negotiations between the armed abductors and government officials, and authorities of the state of Zamfara. The Governor Matawalle has completely denied paying the abduction ransom for the Nigerian school girls to be released from captivity, but in the past week, President Muhammadu Buhari has admitted to providing kidnappers with money and vehicles as part of the ransom in the past and has urged them to reassess the plan.

The President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, stated that he felt overpowering joy after hearing the news regarding the release of the girls, and he is happy that all the school girls were able to come back home without any accident or permanent injury.

In the year 2014, there was an abduction of 279 school-going girls in the town of Chibok located in the north-eastern region by the group of Islamist militants Boko Haram, which brought attention from around the globe to the scourge of kidnappings and raids occurring on various schools across the country of Nigeria. But the recent surge in the number of attacks is suspected to be due to various criminal groups located in the region.

The recent raid of Nigerian school girls in a boarding school in the state of Zamfara was the second kidnapping of individuals in the past recent few weeks. Previously, around 27 students were abducted from inside a boarding school located in Kagara in the month of February before they were safely released from custody on February 17.

No criminal group has yet taken responsibility for orchestrating the recent kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls in Zamfara.

Armed criminal gangs are often operating in Zamfara state to obtain ransom, but at the time when armed gunmen kidnapped more than 300 boys from their school in Kankara in the neighboring state of Katsina in the month of December last year, some of the reports stated that the militia group Boko Haram was behind the attack, although they generally operate hundreds of miles away from the site of the incident.

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