NHS Has Admitted Shortage of Blood Test Tube Set to Worsen

Manufacturing Firm Facing Continued Increased Demands Along with Challenges in Transportation of Raw Ingredients

The National Health Services of England has admitted that there is an ongoing blood test tube shortage across the region that is likely to aggravate over the upcoming few weeks further and is expected to last till the mid of September. It is confirmed that the supplies of test tubes used for blood tests have remained constrained and, according to the forecast, are to become further constrained over the upcoming weeks.

While it is currently being expected by the NHS that the current position of the blood test tube shortage might improve in the mid of the next month of September, although the overall test tube supply will remain a challenging task for a significant time period.

Supply chain issues

It has been informed to the doctors to stagger some of the tests concerning blood due to the ongoing blood test tube shortage. It has been warned by doctors that the care of patients under NHS will be affected due to these delays in the supply of required equipment.

The news regarding the blood test tube shortage has come after Becton Dickinson, a firm that makes vials required by the health services across the region, stated that they are currently expecting some major issues in their supply chain, likely due to the shortage of HGV drivers across the United Kingdom.

Due to the severe crisis of blood test tube shortage, the National Health Service has stopped the process of blood tests for a temporary time duration that was done for fertility tests, allergies, certain kinds of blood disorders, and pre-diabetic conditions.

Guidance has been issued by NHS England, which has urged the doctors of the region to delay any kind of blood tests which are done on a regular basis if the condition of the patient is clinically safe. Meanwhile, a similar set of guidelines have also been issued by NHS Wales. In the guidance, it has been outlined by the NHS England that alternate products are currently being used to relieve the constraints due to the result of the blood test tube shortage globally.

A general practitioner located on the north side of London, along with being a representative of the British Medical Association trade body, Dr. Farah Jameel, said that she recently had a very challenging conversation with her patients regarding rationing of the blood test vials among those that have become very sick.

She said that the NHS England had given very unclear messages regarding the ongoing blood test tube shortage and on the number of vials that are left and could be utilized for testing, along with the expected time when the test tubes might run short and the impact it is likely to have on the care of all patients.

The NHS is required to communicate with the public clearly along with the profession so that the people involved could have a clear understanding of the issues that are at hand, which would help doctors to manage the expectations. The blood tests are a major part of the care of patients and provide the essential number of insights into different types of conditions, the overall health of the patient, and warning signs.

Preemptive care

A GP based in Swindon, Dr. Gavin Jamie, has agreed that the preventative care would become slower, along with the delays in screening tests which are majorly caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which he said that he is currently still trying to catch up.

He added that they have not been able to see the entire effects caused by the blood test tube shortage yet, but it looks like that this condition could carry on for the upcoming next few months due to the timescale which has been given by the NHS England.

The general practitioners located across the nation had posted tweets regarding the challenges caused by the blood test tube shortage, while the patients had taken the public platform to tweet the text messages, they had recently received regarding their scheduled surgeries which said that their blood tests required to be conducted before the elective procedure had been canceled for the time being.

The medical devices firm, Becton Dickinson, which is responsible for the manufacturing of tubes in the United States, stated that they need to test patients with COVID-19 infection, in addition to the routine scheduled testing for elective procedures which have been delayed due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic which had increased product demand.

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