US Coronavirus Cases Have Reached Record High amid a New Wave of Infection

COVID-19 Is Affecting Major Cities Due to A Lack Of Preventive Measures Followed By Public

COVID-19 Is Affecting Major Cities Due to A Lack Of Preventive Measures Followed By Public

The number of coronavirus cases in the United States has reached a daily record high as multiple states are struggling with a new wave of infection. According to the data collected from the local health authorities of the states, 83,010 new confirmed coronavirus cases have been diagnosed on Friday.

The number of individuals being hospitalized due to the extreme severity of the viral infection has begun to rapidly increase due to the new wave of infection, but the mortality rate of the coronavirus in the United States has started to decline due to better patient healthcare services.

The decline in the coronavirus mortality rate amid the new wave of infection is being observed due to the approval of using COVID-19 diagnosed patients in a clinical trial to test various vaccines made by pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.

The World Health Organization has issued a public warning to the countries located in the Northern Hemisphere of being at a critical juncture due to the coronavirus new wave of infection transmission.

Spread of coronavirus in the United States

Since the coronavirus was first diagnosed in the United States, around 8.5 million individuals have been directly affected by the viral infection. The number of daily diagnosed infection rate has increased dramatically on Friday, as more than 6,000 new coronavirus cases were detected than the previously daily made a record of 76,842 diagnosed on July 17.

Over the past week, the new wave of infection has caused 441,541 new coronavirus patient to be diagnosed, which is the largest number of cases detected since the end week of July in the United States.

In the last six days, due to the new wave of infection, the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus has also increased. The tally is still under the peak of mortality rate with 2,000 deaths per day was observed in the initial period of the rapid escalation of transmission of coronavirus infection in the month of April.

41,485 coronavirus patients have been admitted to hospitals and medical centers to provide treatment for coronavirus due to the new wave of infection. The current rate of hospital admission has now reached the highest point since August.

The number of coronavirus cases diagnosed on Friday has not yet been released by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention by on Thursday, 74,380 cases have been detected across the United States amid the new wave of infection, which is expected to further rise in the upcoming colder months.

Most affected states in the US due to COVID-19

The most hard-hit states across the United States from the coronavirus pandemic are located in the Midwest region of the country, with most of the number of cases being reported in Wisconsin, Montana, and North Dakota. Due to the new wave of infection, Ohio has recorded the worst daily record for the newly confirmed coronavirus patient while being a key location in the upcoming presidential elections.

Other regions like Indiana and Illinois have also recorded daily escalation in the number of coronavirus cases on Friday. In the Southwest region of the country, Utah has also recorded a severe rise in the virus spread amid a new wave of infection, due to which 21 counties have implemented the compulsory use of face masks when traveling outside of the home.

The coronavirus spread had a negative impact on the capacity of locally located hospitals. In the past several weeks, all hospitals were able to provide quality treatment to coronavirus and non-coronavirus patients that visited the health facility, but since the new wave of infection, the quality of the services has reached an endpoint.

In the general public does not strictly follow social distancing measures and usage of face mask; the healthcare facilities would be unable to provide quality care to any individual who requires it to save their lives.

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