New Shepard Rocket Ship Launched into Space by Jeff Bezos

The First Human Crew Flight for Space Tourism Successfully Landed After 10 Minutes 10 Seconds

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The billionaire and ex-CEO of e-commerce firm Jeff Bezos have recently made a space journey for a short duration while aboard the first crew flight of his own new rocket ship, New Shepard. While on the journey, he was accompanied by his brother Mark Bezos, along with a pioneer in the race of space Wally Funk, and the youngest passenger being a student who is just 18 years old on the New Shepard rocket ship.

All the passengers traveled together while being inside a small-sized capsule with the biggest window size of a vehicle that has ever been flown into space and has been able to offer some of the most spectacular views of the planet Earth.

Criticism on New Shepard Rocket Ship

When the New Shepard Rocket Ship was successfully able to touch back on the surface of the planet after completing its flight with the duration of 10 minutes 10 seconds, and soon after coming out of the capsule, Jeff Bezos exclaimed that today was his best day ever.

The New Shepard Rocket Ship, which has been constructed by Jeff Bezos’s own firm Blue Origin, has been designed to serve the expanding market for tourism in space.

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, among other participants included in the ‘billionaire space race,’ has severely faced criticism for the offering, which by some people is seen to be a joyride for the super-wealthy individuals. According to the critics, the money and resources which has been spent on the New Shepard rocket ship could have been optimistically spent in several other places, including the fight for climate change control and increase in employees’ pay rates.

However, it has been insisted by Jeff Bezos that he does have a vision on the environmental change and said that all the heavy industries which are present on Earth, all with industry that is the most contributing factor in the pollution on the planet and move it out of here into space, which would help keep this planet as the beautiful gem it is.

He further added that the process could require several decades to be achieved, but it should be initiated, as big taken require small steps to be taken towards it, which is what this mission of sub-orbital tourism really allows them to do, as the opportunity allows them to practice it over and over again.

Jeff Bezos on first space flight

On the first and most recent flight of the New Shepard Rocket Ship, the oldest passenger was the individual who has previously been to space Ms. Funk, along with Oliver Daemen as the youngest and a student.

The spacecraft was able to make a timely lift off at 14:14 BST from a private launch site located near Van Horn in Texas.

During the post-launch news conference, Jeff Bezos stated that his expectations were high from the beginning, and now they have exceeded dramatically.

Just after two minutes into the initiation of the flight, the capsule with passengers was separated from the fuel rocket and still continued in the upward direction towards the Karman Line, which is the most widely recognized boundary of space, which is located around 100 kilometers up.

The newly minted astronauts cheered after reaching a milestone while aboard the New Shepard rocket ship. During the briefing conducted post-flight, they were shown video footage of the occupants in space as they were freely performing somersaults and were tumbling during the time duration of four minutes while they were experiencing weightlessness. Stunning views of the planet Earth could easily be seen from the windows outside.

Jeff Bezos said that he was surprised by having a first-hand experience of microgravity, as it felt normal to him. Meanwhile, Ms. Funk stated that his experience was great, and he loved it so much that he is hardly able to wait for another flight.

In the 1960s, Ms. Funk had been one of the members of a women’s group named Mercury 13. They underwent all the screening procedures and tests that male astronauts went through but were never allowed to fly while being under the United States national space program.

Jeff Bezos said on Monday that Wally could outrun all of them. During the time of Mercury 13, she was the best candidate among all the other male contestants, and he can guarantee that it is still true up to this day.

The brother of Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, aged 53, is the senior vice president of a New York-based charity called Robin Hood and was among the participants of the first human crew flight on the New Shepard Rocket Ship.

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