New Map Of The X-Ray Universe

Telescope was able to collect same of data in six months, previously collected over sixty years

New Map Of The X-Ray Universe

There has been a major breakthrough by the Russian-German telescope currently orbiting the universe. The telescope has acquired multiple trace images of heaven in the sky by X-rays. According to these recent discoveries, there have been a lot of vicious actions in the universe. There were multiple pieces of evidence that suggested that multiple matters were heated, accelerated, and shredded. There has been a new map of the x-ray universe, including massive black holes, searing hot gas giants, and exploding stars.

Multiple images of the universe

This data record has come from eRosita instrument that was installed upon Spektr-RG. This orbiting telescope was launched into space last year in the month of July. The dispatching side was 1.5 million kilometers from the planet Earth. Once the telescope was declared completely operational by the engineers in December 2019, it was left alone to slowly rotate and scan multiple depths of space in its surrounding cosmos.

The first data set sent by the eRosita arrived at Earth last week. The record contains a million sources and new map of the x-ray universe. In the time duration of six months, the telescope has recorded the data in such large amounts. But this data was already present on Earth, which was detected by numerous satellites and telescopes throughout the history of x-ray astronomy. The data recorded in the last sixty years was similar to the six-month data recorded by this telescope.

X-Ray Universe

Due to the recent new accomplishment in the form of new map of the x-ray universe, it is expected that this telescope would provide revolutionizing data regarding x-ray astronomy in the near future. The new map of the x-ray universe used the technology of Aitoff projection that was bale to unwrap the sphere shape of the sky into an ellipse. The middle band of the sphere is the plane on which our Milky Way galaxy is located. The center of our galaxy is also the middle point of the ellipse.

Multiple large areas of the galaxy’s plane are influenced by high sources of energy. In certain areas, copious amounts of dust and gas have also been absorbed along with the filtering of radiation of low energy. The sources of this data include numerous stars that are strong, along with extremely hot and magnetically active atmospheres.

Evidential data collected in the universe

After the new map of the x-ray universe reached earth, there were multiple data that showed that there are giant balls of hot gas present inside and outside of our galaxy. This provides an imprint and information regarding the evolution and formation of the Milky Way.

According to the recent data collected by the telescope, there were several concentrations of remnants of the supernova. It is basically the remaining wreckage and debris of numerous stars that have exploded into the universe. The Shockwave caused by the blasts has increased the temperature of the surrounding areas of gas and dust.

About 80% of the sources obtained in the new map of the x-ray universe are gigantic black holes that reside in the id points of galaxies far away. These giant balls of gas emit out a large quantity of x-rays along with an immense amount of gravitational pull that helps draw in and out matter particles. Some of the higher-level super massive black holes that were seen by mankind on a map were when the universe was a billion years old. This was less than 10% of the universe’s current age.

The eRosita instrument installed over Spektr-RG will stay in the universe for more 3.5 years, during which it will be able to gather about seven of the all-sky surveys. The time duration is enough for it to refine the collected data along with eliminating unnecessary noise. It is expected by the researchers that in the upcoming years, this telescope will be able to detect faint sources that are otherwise undetectable.

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