New Long-Range Cruise Missile Tested by North Korea

North Korea Still Has the Capability to Develop Weapons of Mass Destruction Despite Shortage of Food and An Ongoing Economic Crisis

According to the state media, North Korea has recently tested out a newly developed long-range cruise missile that is capable of hitting a large portion of the land under the government of Japan. The tests that had been conducted over the weekend and seen that these long-range cruise missiles were able to travel up to 1,500 kilometers.

Military development by North Korea

It has been suggested that North Korea still has the capability to be able to develop military-grade weapons of mass destruction despite suffering from a shortage of food for the general population residing in the region and an overall economic crisis.

The United States military said that the latest trials that have been conducted poses an imminent threat to the international community, along with its neighboring country Japan, for which they said that they are currently having some significant concerns regarding the development and launch trial of North Korea’s long-range cruise missile.

A photograph that has been published in the newspaper of North Korea, Rodong Sinmum, had shown a missile being fired into the air from a launch vehicle, while in another image, it could be seen traveling in a horizontal flight.

These long-range cruise missiles developed by the country provide great significance for being a strategic weapon for North Korea.

The trials have been carried out for two days over the weekend, with the long-range cruise missiles successfully hitting their specified targets before failing off into the territorial waters governed by North Korea. According to an analyst of North Korea, these newly developed cruise missiles are the first-ever long-range cruise missiles owned by the country that has the capacity to carry an entire nuclear warhead.

International reaction

The Security Council of the United Nations has placed sanctions to forbid the government of North Korea from the trials involving ballistic missiles, but that does not include cruise missiles such as long-range cruise missiles that have recently been developed.

The council considers ballistic missiles to be of a more threatening nature than cruise missiles because they have the tendency to carry a large amount and much more powerful payloads, along with having a very large range and a high velocity while traveling.

A ballistic missile is generally powered by using a rocket engine and has the ability to follow an arc-like trajectory, while the mechanism followed by a cruise missile is slightly different has it generates power by using a specialized jet engine and usually flies at a lower height, due to which it can easily evade being detected by radars.

A defense researcher working at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Joseph Dempsey, said that the recent development of a long-range cruise missile is a concerning issue, as it could pose a further challenging situation for the missile defenses of South Korea. As cruise missiles do not have to follow-throughs strict straight-line trajectories, the flight plan of the missiles can be programmed to avoid any kind of air defenses or utilizes terrain to be able to reduce possibilities of being detected.

Although it is still unknown the mechanism that has been utilized by North Korea in the development of this new long-range cruise missile regarding its navigation.

The chief cabinet secretary of Japan, Katsunobu Kato, stated that the nation is currently having some significant number of concerns regarding the recent development of military-grade missiles of North Korea and I have been working alongside the United States and South Korea to timely monitor the entire situation.

The military of the United States said that the trial conducted by North Korea over the weekend showcasing their long-range cruise missiles showed that they are continuously focusing on the development of their military program. They also added they are committing to defending their allies in Japan and South Korea, which remains ironclad.

The top-level officials from the three nations are scheduled to conduct a meeting within this week to be able to have a discussion regarding the denuclearization process of North Korea.

The military of South Korea is currently conducting a thorough analysis of the launch event of the new long-range cruise missiles with a collaboration with the intelligence authorities of the United States.

The United States has been making calls to the governing body of North Korea to give up their nuclearized weapons, and the relationship of Pyongyang with the administration of President Joe Biden has so far been uptight with immense tension.

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