New Japanese Technologies Help To Fight Coronavirus

Aerial Imaging Could Prevent The Spread Of Infection

Aerial Imaging Could Prevent The Spread Of Infection

According to a recent Japanese technology, a complete working ventilator has been constructed by using a 3D printer anywhere across the world to help combat against the coronavirus infection. For preventing from further transmission of the infection and help to fight coronavirus, a touch-free 3-dimensional screen is being used for the manufacturing of ventilators.

3-dimensional printed respirator

A medical doctor in Japan has been able to create a respiration device by using space technology, which is adapted for use on the earth and can be easily constructed with a 3D printer. One of the creators of this device, Dr. Naoyuki Ishikita, stated that this revolutionary device does not require any electricity mode for its operation. He also said that the root of this project is manufacturing an anesthesia machine, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, we also required a ventilator, due to which they separated their system.

This simple device, which is to help to fight coronavirus, requires a foot-pump and air compressor along with air and oxygen, only these are required to operate the ventilator. The main device only requires the printing of four parts. The designs of the parts of the ventilator were transmitted to a 3D printer over at the International Space Station, which suggests that the ventilator could also be constructed if required during long-duration space missions.

Dr. Naoyuki is willing to offer the plans for this 3D constructed ventilator-free to the rest of the world as it would immensely help to fight coronavirus in certain areas of the world where ventilators are in less number. He believes that it is a natural thing to help other people in need, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic, so if sharing this information could potentially save lives, he is willing to provide assistance.

ASKA 3D – the touch-free printer

Another revolutionary invention has been made, which reduces contact on the screen that can also limit and prevent coronavirus spread of infection. Made in the Japanese city of Hiroshima, a touch less screen has been made which has 3D images that float in the air that can be easily manipulated with your hands to prevent and help to fight coronavirus pandemic.

The device is called ASKA3D, the device projects a liquid crystal display in the air, just like a hologram. ASKA3D is currently used in showrooms, conventions, and museums, which suggest that the device does not have any wear and tear at this time, and also prevent any transmission of disease amid users of the device that would help to fight coronavirus infection.

The inspiration behind the ASKA3D was a ride in the Japanese bullet train Shinkansen. The idea came to Otsubo Makoto while he was watching the scenery during traveling on a business trip. Makoto has an intuition that if he could collect the information in a 10mm-thick screen, that would help materialize the mid-air images and help to fight coronavirus. The potential of this device could only be limited by a person’s imagination. Multiple public places, including cinemas and ticket machines at stations, factories, and ATM, could also use this technology to help to fight coronavirus.

Usage in this 3D printing technology with aerial imaging does not require physical touch to access the device that would immensely help to fight coronavirus spread and infection. This revolutionary device avoids wear and tear along with a further spread of deadly viral infection or any other deadly diseases that might transmit further via touching surfaces in public places.

This 3D printer is an important device in today’s age amid the coronavirus pandemic as physical contact with any device would potentially become a rapid escalation of the spread of infection.

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