New Hampshire Primary Results 2020

Bernie Sanders And Pete Buttigieg Keep Leading The Race

New Hampshire Primary Results 2020

New Hampshire primary results 2020 are out with the same results as in Iowa. Surprisingly, the top two candidates in Iowa Caucus Results are at the top in New Hampshire too. Bernie Sanders was little behind to Pete Buttigieg in Iowa, but in New Hampshire, he is ahead with a slight lead of 25.73 percent. Pete Buttigieg is at 24.43 percent, and it makes him a serious contender in the Democratic Party nomination race.

Joe Biden has felt the hardest shock in the New Hampshire primary results 2020. He has come in the fifth place even after Amy Klobucher and Elizabeth Warren. He got only 8.40 percent votes that make him unable to get any delegate. Another prominent hopeful for the nomination, Elizabeth Warren, too, cannot claim any delegate with only 9.23 percent of the votes. It is to remember that the minimum threshold for the award of delegates is 15 percent. The third name in the race is Amy Klobuchar, with 19.82 percent.

Amy Klobuchar has been a fifth place, but she has seen a surge in recent polls. She managed to get 6 out of 24 delegates assigned to the state. Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg both get nine delegates each. Nominees’ list is going to be shorter and smarter. It is good news for Democrats and members of the party.

Popular Vote in New Hampshire Primary Results 2020

Bernie Sanders came in second place in Iowa with a slight lead of Pete Buttigieg over him. Even then, he got the most popular votes. It is also the case in New Hampshire Primary Results 2020, where he leads in popular votes too, with 76,324 votes. Pete Buttigieg has emerged as a serious threat for him with 72,457 votes. The difference is small, and one may not predict who is going to win the nomination. Amy Klobuchar is also not very much behind in terms of popular votes, with 58,796 votes.

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Pete Buttigieg Democratic Presidential Candidate

Bernie Sanders has an edge of recognition of Buttigieg, who has to work hard. It is a long way to go because many recent polls take Sanders and Biden as serious hopefuls for nomination. Another late entrant to the race, Michael Bloomberg, may surprise during the next primaries. He is advertising his expense, and he has started gaining the spotlight. Monmouth University ranked him at 11 percent popularity while Quinnipiac University poll finds him with 15 percent support from voters. It means that surprise may yet come, and the Democratic Party nomination race would get a clear picture after Super Tuesday scheduled in March.

 Importance of New Hampshire Primary Results 2020

New Hampshire is a small state like Iowa, and it holds primary. Most of the US states hold primary, and very few of them now have a caucus. At the moment, the Democratic Party nomination has covered one primary and one caucus. Results from both states help one to forecast who is going to be the winner.

Democratic Party voters would be able to know who is a serious candidate and who they should vote. However, analysts say that these two states give winners a momentum, and it is true in the case of Bernie Sanders. He has come at the top in the national poll ahead of Joe Biden. People have started considering him that he can beat Donald Trump in Presidential Elections 2020.

Again, it is to repeat here that much has to come yet. Democratic Party has been having a long battle for the nomination in recent years. And many events have yet to come. The rise of Bloomberg may reveal more surprises. Pete Buttigieg is more moderate than Bernie Sanders, and he may be a viable candidate too. Plenty more has to come, so keep in touch with happenings in US politics.

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