New Border Clash in Sikkim between India and China

Area of Sikkim Has Observed Multiple Disputed Between the South Asian Neighboring Countries

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The Indian and Chinese troops have been reported to clash in the disputed region of Sikkim near the border again, with the injured troops transported to the military medical center of both countries. The border clash incident had taken place in the northern area of Sikkim on Wednesday last week. According to the Indian army report, the confrontation between India and China’s armed forces was just a minor incident, which now has been completely resolved.

There has been escalated tension along with the longest disputed border across the world for a very long time. Both the nations have claimed a massive amount of areas as their territories. During the previous year’s border clash between China and India in the area of Ladakh, around 20 soldiers from the Indian military forces have reportedly died.

Most recent border clash

The recent skirmish between the military troops of China and India has occurred in the Naku La area located on the northern side of Sikkim. The state of Sikkim is geographically located between the countries of Nepal and Bhutan and is about 2,500 kilometers away from the area of Ladakh.

According to some reports by the officials’ for the border, clash states that the patrol guards of the Chinese military initially tried to enter the territory owned by Indians and were forced to retreat the area by the Indian forces. While other reports of the incident states that there has been the use of stones and sticks for the attack, but no firearms were used for combat purposes.

The official statement given by the Indian military was very played down to prevent any further issues regarding the incident. They stated that there had been a minor face-off between both countries’ armies in the area of Naku La at North Sikkim on the date of January 20th, 2021, and the entire issue of the border clash was thoroughly resolved by the local commanders stationed in the area as per the previously established agreement.

Meanwhile, according to another source, military troops from both sides brought their reinforcement teams after the sudden border clash, but no gunfire was used in the incident, and the situation was kept under control the entire time.

The spokesman for the foreign ministry of China was not able to provide any detailed account for the border clash incident, but only gave a vague statement saying that the military forces of China were completely committed to upholding the peace of the region, along with urging India to abstain from actions that could aggravate or confuse the situation even more alongside the disputed border.

The state-affiliated of China Global Times editor-in-chief posted a tweet that there has been no official record for the border clash between India and China in the patrol log of China.

Reason for disputes along the territorial border

The disputed border between India and China is around 3,440 kilometers and is very ill defined, which has become the cause for various border clashes between both sides. The lines have shifted every year due to massive rainfall, lakes, and snowcapped mountains in the region, due to which the troops of both armed forces have come across face-to-face border clashes at multiple times across history, including various armed and unarmed confrontations, leading to unexpected deaths of soldiers.

In the month of May last year, there has been a minor dispute at the location of Naku La, which is located at an altitude of around 5,000 meters. After a month later, another deadly border clash began in the region of Ladakh at the Galwan Valley. Along with the loss of lives of more than a dozen Indian military troops, several casualties have also been reported by China, although no official report was given by the government of the country.

During the recent Sikkim border clash between China and India, which occurred without the usage of any firearms and was classified as hand-to-hand combat, both nations are in talks for a de-escalation strategy to prevent and limit any further loss of unnecessary lives.

The ninth-round for the conference between India and China took place, during which the military commanders of both sides were present on Sunday. The seminar occurred in the region of the eastern area of Ladakh, but no official details for a finalized agreement have been issued for the public.

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