Narendra Modi’s Party Has Failed to Win Elections Amid Record COVID-9 Surge

Indian Pm and His Home-Minister Has Been Accused of Focusing on Polls Rather Than the Pandemic

The political party of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has failed to win an important major state in the Indian elections, which were held amid the record number of cases for COVID-19 infection being reported along with an increased rate of mortality across the entire South Asian country.

Increasing COVID-19 in India

The BJP has a targeted the region of West Bengal heavily during their election campaign, but it was held comfortably by the incumbent, along with being a major critic of Narendra Modi, Mamata Banerjee. Prime Minister Modi has recently been accused of putting his focus on the Indian election polls rather than the drastically worsening condition of the entire country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Indian elections were also held in the states of Karela, Tamil Nadu, and Assam, along with the territory of Puducherry. The party has been able to hold power in the state of Assam, located in the north-eastern side of the country of India, but was unable to make any gain in a major amount in other states.

For the past 10 consecutive days, the number of daily reported cases throughout India has surpassed the limit of 300,000. On Monday, India has diagnosed more than 360,000 new active confirmed cases of coronavirus infection, along with 3,417 deaths caused due to critical conditions from the viral pathogen.

On Sunday, a record number of daily deaths have been recorded, which were more than 3,689 throughout the country. The hospitals across the country are currently facing various shortages of medical oxygen and availability of beds, as many residents of India are resorting towards desperate pleas on social media platforms to gain help.

The voting and campaign rallied for the Indian elections are being blamed for the rapid surge in the number of active cases throughout the country. Narendra Modi, along with his home ministers, has made various public appearances and speeches for their campaign of Indian elections in the region of West Bengal and has been accused by the public for focusing their attention and time on the Indian elections rather than the dire condition of the country due to the surge of COVID-19 infection.

Situation in West Bengal

As almost the entire result for the recently held Indian elections have been counted, the Trinamool Congress Party (TMC), which has been led by the chief minister of the state Mamata Banerjee, has been able to win more than 200 of the seats out of the assembly comprising of 294 seats.

The results for the Indian elections are set to make Mamata Banerjee become the leader for the area of West Bengal for the third time. She has also become the only woman throughout the country to be the chief minister.

To celebrate her win in the state, she publicly stated that West Bengal has been able to save the country of India with the Indian election results, and her first priority would be to tackle the increasing problem being suffered by the country amid the drastically damaging coronavirus pandemic.

The victory has been sourced by losing the seat in the area of Nandigram to a former aide who had turned into a defector to BJP. Mamata Banerjee has said that she will be challenging the results of the Indian elections in the court, but she requires to run again in the elections to maintain her position as the chief minister.

In the state of West Bengal, the region, which resides more than 90 million individuals throughout the area, along with the city of Kolkata, has come under the spotlight as they have become particularly interested in the Indian election’s watchers. It is one of the few states across India that have never been ruled by the national political party of BJP, for which Narendra Modi is a part.

Despite suffering from defeat in the Indian elections, which were conducted some time ago in the country of India while the general population was suffering from extreme medical supplies shortage, the voting results saw that the BJP was able to win around 80 seats to become the country main opposition political party. In the year 2016 election conducted in India, the BJP was only able to win just three seats in the region.

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