Namaste Wahala: Bollywood And Nollywood Partners To Make The Movie

The Indian-Nigerian Wedding Romantic Comedy of Our Dreams

Namaste Wahala Trailer

Namaste Wahala: A Clash of Two Cultures

It is not seen very commonly seen that Bollywood is collaborating with any other movie industry, but this year, to make a romantic comedy that would make you fall in love with the genre with whole new intensity. This is the second cross-cultural collaboration between Bollywood and Nollywood to bring you a perfect blend of desi and class with the first one in 2017.

Namaste means peace, and while Wahala is trouble, loosely translating it into “hello trouble”. Namaste Wahala is the first-ever movie by filmmaker turned director Hamisha Daryani Ahuja and set to release worldwide on April 24, 2020.  This is an intercultural tale of a fat Indian wedding that will melt your hearts.

Namaste Wahala is inspired by the director’s childhood and adult life, which was spent in Africa and use it to make her debut film. She was inspired by both the cultural aspects of India and Nigeria and made a love story that people from both cultures can relate to. The movie would mostly be in the English Language, along with some African and Indian pidgin languages. Namaste Wahalla is starring some of the top actors in both the entertainment industries.

Nigerian wedding is of the countries that have some lavish weddings and can cost up to $1300. Indian weddings are no less in terms of luxury. The Indian wedding industry is one of the top businesses in India with a net worth of around $50 billion.

Namaste Wahala is filmed completely in Lagos, Africa, but is expected to have the timeless desi Bollywood songs completed with their full of energy dance steps to maintain it as genuine as possible. It is expected to have lots of comedy with a few tears that will melt your heart and will be very relatable to both communities.

This is not the first collaboration of Nigeria with any other country by its film industry. Nollywood has also previously joined forces with many different countries, including China, France, and the United States of America, on various occasions in generating various motion pictures to entertain the global society.

This is a big chance for African countries to project and showcase their brilliant performers on the global platform that will play a major role in their success and have a great impact on the world about their Negro community that is still not preferred due to the color racism even after all the advancements by the people of this world.

The poster of the Namaste Wahala is beautifully designed, presenting a black female in traditional Indian wedding attire standing head to head with an Indian male. The poster plays a significant role in emerging the interests of people coming to watch a romantic comedy.

This is expected to be on the long-established path of rom-coms in which boy meets girl; first, they hate each other but later they fall in love and get married, but Namaste Wahala will have an additional twist of different community and caste background, lively song collection and a luxurious wedding with both cultural aspects portrayed equally.

Namaste Wahala is a story of love, drama, and family, which is beautifully characterized by cross-cultural differences. This is also a huge opportunity to define the customs and traditions of both countries in an equal manner to the world to resolve the wrong thoughts settled in the minds of the individuals living around the world made up of the political news of the country.

This light-hearted comedy is set to come to cinemas near you in the last week of April and will definitely make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.

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