Mouthwash Can Kill Coronavirus within 30 Seconds: A New Study

Using Over-The-Counter CPC Mouthwash Eradicates COVID-19 Virus in A Laboratory Setting

According to a recent scientific study conducted by scientists working at Cardiff University, an over-the-counter mouthwash can kill coronavirus pathogen within the time duration of just 30 seconds of being continuously exposed to it in a laboratory test. The study help distinguish the destruction of COVID-19 pathogen with promising signs in an exploratory test conducted in a laboratory setting.

Using over-the-counter mouthwash in daily routine

The result reports that suggest mouthwash can kill coronavirus arrived before time from a human clinical trial which was being conducted on patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and being admitted for treatment at the University Hospital of Wales. One of the authors of the study stated that this research could lead to making usage of mouthwash a common practice in numerous individual’s routines.

Although the study was able to deduce that mouthwash can kill coronavirus found in the buccal cavity and saliva, there is no evidence that suggests that consumption of over-the-counter mouthwash would help in killing the harmful viral coronavirus pathogen that has reached the lower respiratory tract or alveolar tissues of the individual.

According to a periodotologist specialist, Dr. Claydon that if these positive results found during the clinical trial at Cardiff University are accurate, then Cetylpyridinium chloride mouthwash available would become an important addition in the normal routine of people across the world, along with frequent washing of hands, physical distance and usage of face masks, both in the current time and upcoming future.

The conclusive report from the clinical trial suggests that over-the-counter mouthwash can kill coronavirus that available commonly in the market and contain at least 0.07% CPC, have showed promising signs of eradicating the COVID-19 pathogen when it was exposed during a laboratory test.

Although this clinical study is yet to be peer-reviewed by other scientists and could possibly have an error, yet it is able to support another research study conducted on CPC-containing mouthwashes that provides conclusive results regarding the higher effectively of mouthwashes being able to reduce the viral load inside the mouth.

Laboratory testing for killing COVID-19 using mouthwash

The lead author of the research trial Dr. Richard Stanton said that this recent study suggesting that mouthwash can kill coronavirus adds up to the currently emerging literature amid the coronavirus pandemic that commonly available over-the-counter mouthwash that is specifically designed to combat against gum infections could also possibly inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus along with other coronaviruses during a lab test.

The exploratory test conducted inside a laboratory was done in a test tube that was predesigned to mimic the oral and nasal cavity of a human being.

This investigative study stating that mouthwash can kill coronavirus is yet to be peer-reviewed and published in a medical journal. The usual process of complete scrutinizing is being done, and a request for its submission for publication in a medical journal has also been made.

A human clinical trial has now been initiated to finalize the results regarding the affectivity of mouthwash in reducing the levels of the viral pathogen inside the saliva of a coronavirus diagnosed individual, for which the conclusive results are expected to be released in the first quarter of next year.

The initial reports regarding the research on over-the-counter mouthwash can kill coronavirus have proven to be encouraging, but the ongoing human clinical trial will be unable to provide evidence that could suggest prevention of local transmission between individuals. While laboratory testing has provided positive results of killing the COVID-19 pathogen, the human trial could possibly help to diagnose its efficiency in coronavirus diagnosed patients.

The research would also be able to define the effective period for how long the prevention would last after a single usage of CPC mouthwash with positive coronavirus patients.

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