Most Powerful Category Five Hurricane Iota Hits Nicaragua

Around 40,000 People Had To Relocate From the Pathway of the Powerful and Catastrophic Storm

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A strong hurricane has brought along heavy rainfall and powerful winds to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, which is just two weeks after a devastating storm observed in the same region. The hurricane Iota hits Nicaragua coastline as a category four tropical storm near the local town named Puerto Cabezas.

The tornado caused massive destruction, including the destruction of the roof of a makeshift hospital, after which the patients were immediately evacuated by local authorities to a safe place.

Catastrophic destruction by Hurricane Iota

The local residents of the area are under thick shelter, but there is a fear of a shortage of food supply for the people gathered. Hurricane Iota has slightly weakened its strength, and Honduras is being expected to hit later on Tuesday evening.

According to the United States National Hurricane Center (NHC), the Hurricane Iota is now being classified as a category two storm, but has also issued a public warning stating that it could possibly bring along deadly surges of storms, catastrophically strong winds, landslides, and flooding in the affected region.

Hurricane Iota made landfall in Nicaragua on Monday evening with sustained strong winds blowing at around 155 miles per hour. On Sunday, the NHC had categorized the Hurricane Iota as category five when it was still at sea, but by the time it hit the coastline, the strength of the windstorm has drastically decreased.

In the town of Puerto Cabezas, which is also known to the locals as Bilwi, Hurricane Iota caused extensive damage to the wooden homes, along with flooding in the streets and completely cut off from the electric supply to the town. The residents of the town said that the powerful storm ripped off the roof of their houses made of heavy wooden material like it was made out of cardboard material.

An 80-year-old resident of the area said that he hasn’t eaten and has no idea where he will be going to sleep at his house was destroyed by Hurricane Iota and it Iota brings catastrophic winds that have caused around 40,000 individuals to leave their houses and have been evacuated to safe areas that are not in the predicted path of the storm.  There have been no reports up till now regarding any causality that has been caused by the raging storm.

According to the director of the Nicaraguan Institute of Earth Studies, Hurricane Iota is the most powerful hurricane that has ever struck this region since the records for storm began several decades ago. The thunderstorm is expected to move inland further across the country before hitting the region of southern Honduras. The effects of Hurricane could possibly become further catastrophic and devastating in those areas that have previously been affected by heavy rainfall caused by Hurricanes. Hurricane Iota touched the coastline 24 kilometers south of where Hurricane Iota made landfall on November 3 earlier this month.

Forecasted pathway for Hurricane Iota

In the forecasted high-risk areas of Hurricane Iota, more than 50,000 individuals have been relocated by the local authorities. President Hernandez warned the local population duration a press conference held on Monday stating that Hurricane drawing closer is similar to a bomb.

Before Hurricane Iota reached Central America, it traveled past the Colombian Island of Providencia located in the Caribbean, and completely cut off the local electric supply, and killed at least one individual during the storm.

Due to the high intensity of the storm, around 98% of the infrastructure, which houses around 5,000 people on the Island, was destroyed by high-velocity winds and torrential rainfall.

Hurricane Iota is the strongest hurricane to have emerged from the Atlantic Ocean this year, and the second storm in the month of November has been classified as category five. The previous one was recorded in the year 1932.

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