Most of the Black Friday Sale Products ‘Do Not Offer Lowest Price’

Stores Usually Offer Same Priced Products Before and During Black Friday

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Nearly nine out of ten products that are sold worldwide of the Black Friday sale are already available or the same or lower price earlier in the year. The consumer group ‘Which?’ is urging their customers to at least do some amount of research beforehand of their shopping spree in order to detect valid bargains during the Black Friday sale that is scheduled to occur on November 27 this year.

Retail services including John Lewis, Argos, and Amazon stated that they are already offering numerous deals and discounts to their customers all across the years, not only on seasonal or major holiday events. Numerous individuals shop during the Black Friday sales at the end of the month of November, thinking this as a way of buying cheaper gifts for their friends and family before Christmas.

According to research conducted by Lloyds Bank, more than two-thirds of the general population experienced delays in gift purchase as they were trying to find the right bargaining retail amount in the black Friday sales. It is expected that this year’s Black Friday sales would observe spending of around $998.94 million of the general population of the United Kingdom.

Same price point before and at Black Friday sales

The research study conducted by the organization named ‘Which?’ was able to track prices of around 219 popular products under the categories of tech and home, six months before the initiation of the Black Friday sales on major retail service providers, and for six months after the Black Friday sale. It was observed that the products sold by John Lewis, Currys PC World, Argos,, and Amazon were only able to reduce three times the actual price of the product during the Black Friday sales.

The head of the home services and products at Which? Natalie Hitchins said that those deals which feel too good to be true are usually sold at current market prices; also, people should not fall for the time-limited offers by retailers. If an individual wants to buy a particular product, they should start doing some personal research a few months prior to the black Friday sales offered by the retailer. By doing so, you will be able to know a genuine bargain and could possibly end up saving some money.

Reduced prices throughout the year

The retail service provider Currys PC World was one of the retailers observed to have similar or slightly cheaper products available at the starting few weeks of the year. At John Lewis, around 80 products were observed to have exactly the same or vaguely less price before the start of the Black Friday sale.

The tech giant Amazon was at the top of the list made by Which? , although it was observed that around 57% of all the products offered to be sold by Amazon were previously available for sale at cheaper or exactly the same price point six months prior to the start of Black Friday sale. In response to the conclusive research results, most of the retailers urged that they price-match their products throughout the entire year.

Warning for potential fraud

The shopping individuals are being warned to look out for any scam that might potentially occur during the immense amount of sales on Black Friday. Barclays stated that those customers who are liable to fall for the increasing amount of scams during the online shopping sales on the black market could account for $981 each.

Common products, including apparel, phones, shoes, and electronic items, are generally used to trick people that lead towards scamming during Black Friday sales. Criminals usually set up a fake webpage and offer satisfactory deals that actually turn out to be bogus, substandard, or are never received by the customer.

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