Mossad Operations Against Iran Truth Revealed by Yossi Cohen: Israel Ex-Top Spy

Iran Has Publicly Accused Israel of the Assassination of Mohsen Fakhri Zadeh, Their Top Nuclear Scientist

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The outgoing head of the Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, has recently given a public interview, in which he revealed information regarding the operations conducted by the country against Iran. Yossi Cohen, the Israel ex-top spy, has given intensive details about the nuclear archive theft conducted in Iran. A warehouse raid was done in the year 2018, during which tens of thousands of sensitive information were ferried out of Iran and into Israel.

Surprising revelations by Israel ex-top spy

The Israel ex-top spy also gave a hint which suggests that there was an involvement of Israel in the destruction of a nuclear facility located in Natanz, Iran, along with the assassination of one of their nuclear scientists involved in the recent nuclear project.

Yossi Cohen, the Israel ex-top spy, has recently retired as the leader of the Mossad in the previous week.

He has spoken to a journalist working on the Uvda documentary program for Channel 12, which was broadcasted throughout the nation on Israeli television at night on Thursday.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has appointed the Israel ex-top spy Yossi Cohan as the chief of Mossad in the latter half of the year 2015. He initially joined the intelligence agency in 1982 after completing his studies at a university located in London and has confirmed that throughout the time duration of his career as the Israel ex-top spy, he was able to have hundreds of fake passports of various nationalities.

One of the most revelatory moments during the interview of Israel’s ex-top spy was when he gave certain details regarding the time of the theft of the nuclear archives of Iran.

Later, those stolen files filled with highly secret data were revealed to the public during a press conference by Prime Minister Netanyahu in the year 2018, which according to him, is evidence that Iran had covertly once tried to develop weapons of nuclear nature and had secretly retained all the information. This allegation was immediately denied by the authorities of Iran.

The Israel ex-top spy also stated during his interview that it required two whole years for the planning of the operation. It involved 20 agents of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad to be on the ground, out of which none were national citizens of Israel.

The spy chief was in command of the entire operation while keeping a watchful eye on the entire operation while being present in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. The Israeli agents were able to break into the warehouse and required the opening of around 30 vaults, after which they were able to obtain the necessary documentation of Iran’s nuclear archives. The Israel ex-top spy said that the culmination of the operation was an incredibly exciting moment for them all.

All of the operatives that were involved in the theft were able to survive the raid as they were being chased by the Iranian authorities while carrying tones of documents regarding the nuclear weaponization by Iran, although some of them required to be extracted by Mossad from Iran.

At one point during the interview, the Israel ex-top spy also came to almost admitting that Israel was behind the sabotage of a nuclear site located underground in Iran.

Although it is believed that this interview was completely calculated and had been censored by the military forces of Israel before being broadcasted nationwide, the timings of this interview are also interesting as the country is about to revive a nuclear deal by Iran, which is about to resume.

Iran’s accusation of nuclear terrorism

Israel has given a public statement in which they have openly talked about obtaining tens of thousands of documentations from Iran of nuclear nature. Although, the Israel ex-top spy has also given a hint regarding the involvement of Mossad in various other operations, which have been rumored for a long time to be the works of Israeli agents.

During the initial time of the interview, the Israel ex-top spy had stated regarding the nuclear facility of Iran located in Natanz. Iran had said that a fire occurred during the sabotage at the uranium enrichment site in the month of July in the previous year. A day later, when they revealed newly bought equipment in the month of April 2021, it was again said by the officials that they had been sabotaged, and extensive damage had been inflicted on them. Iran has given the accusation that Israel has caused nuclear terrorism over the event.

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