Mission: Impossible 7 Prompt A Lawsuit as Insurance Payout Falls Far Short of Covid-Related Losses

The Filming of The Movie Starring Tom Cruise Has Been Halted Seven-Time Due to Covid Restrictions

Paramount Pictures Corporation, the American television and film production and distribution firm, has recently filed a lawsuit in the United States Court and claimed that the insurance payout for the Mission: Impossible 7 falls short due to losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Lawsuit on Insurance firm

The firm Paramount said that it had stopped the process of the filming of Mission: Impossible seven times since it had started the recording during the worldwide spread of the deadly COVID-19 infection, majorly due to the travel restrictions issued by the government of the United Kingdom.

They have alleged that the Federal Insurance Company has only paid the firm the amount of $5 million, even though the total losses which had been suffered by Paramount Pictures had been many times more. The Federal parent company named Chubb had not yet given any comments regarding the matter.

The Mission: Impossible movie series, which stars leading actor Tom Cruise, is a blockbuster franchise for the firm Paramount Pictures and has six films previously released, while the seventh installment is yet to release in the upcoming next year.

The franchise of Mission: Impossible is a set of action movies that have been able to make a huge profit of hundreds of millions of dollars in the past years for the Paramount studio. The installment released in the year 2018, Mission: Impossible Fallout, has been able to make a large sum comprising of more than $791 million globally only at the box office.

Along with the rest of the industries throughout the world, the entire film industry has also suffered massively due to the onset of the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, as almost all of the cinemas have been shut down for a very long-time duration across the world.

The previously scheduled productions of television shows and films have also been extremely disrupted, which has caused the expenditure to increase, due to the additional cost of COVID-19 testing, along with consultants and preventive equipment against the deadly viral infection, which has soared the budget due to the extra addition of millions of dollars.

Tom Cruise, who stars and is also one of the producers of the Mission: Impossible film, has apparently given threats to fire some of the members of the crew at the set after a breach in the protective measures in England in the month of December last year if they did not take the restrictive protocols of COVID-19 pandemic seriously.

Halting of production

In the lawsuit by Paramount Pictures, the film studio has stated that the filming procedure of Mission: Impossible 7 had been scheduled to be initiated in the month of February in 2020 at Venice, but the entire process had to be shut down after one of the crew members working on the film set was diagnosed with the coronavirus infection.

In March, when the recording of Mission: Impossible had shifted to Rome, but had to suffer from the unforeseen delay due to the restrictions against the COVID-19 pandemic were implemented by the Italian government.

In the month of October last year, there had been an outbreak of viral COVID-19 infection among the crew members present in Rome for the filming of the blockbuster movie, with the production scheduled to be moving to Venice, but then the crew members along with the extras on set had tested Covid positive.

In February 2021, the recording process of Mission: Impossible in the United Kingdom was stopped after an increase in the cases of coronavirus infection across the country.

Later, the production had moved to Dubai, but the plans regarding the finishing of the filming process in the United Kingdom were delayed due to the quarantine restrictions publicly imposed by the government of the country.

Then later this year, in the month of June, more cast and crew members were tested positive in the United Kingdom at the set of Mission: Impossible. It has been claimed by Paramount Studios that the insurance firm Federal has not yet been able to cover most of their financial losses and that the firm is not paying the required amount for the production, which had halted due to the increase in positive Covid test results.

The lawsuit said that it had been stated by Federal that there is not enough amount of evidence which should suggest that despite the cast being tested positive for the viral coronavirus infection, they are unable to continue with their duties at the set of Mission: Impossible and are posing the undeniable risk of spreading the infection onto other members of the staff which are involved in the production of their film.

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