Military Rulers Blocked Facebook in Myanmar for Stability

Blocking Social Networking Site Is In Complete Violation with the Human Rights Laws

The military rulers of the country of Myanmar have blocked all access to the social networking platform Facebook, a few days after they were able to succeed in overthrowing the democratic government of the country. The social networking site Facebook in Myanmar has become one of the main sources where the general population usually obtained their online information on a daily basis, which has now been blocked by all internet service providers after being ordered by the military forces, for the sake of the stability of the area.

Military coup of Myanmar

Blocking Facebook in Myanmar has become a key point for the increasing opposition to Monday’s military coup. As the civil disobedience of the country further increases, the lawmakers of Myanmar are in complete refusal to leave their compounds located in the capital city, along with more pot-banging has been observed in the largest city of Yangon.

The Myanmar coup, which is currently being led by the chief of the armed forces Min Aung Hlaing who have also blocked all access to Facebook in Myanmar, has also recently instated a junta comprising of 11 members, due to which they have ended the short period of the ruling by a majority of them civilians.

According to the Military of Myanmar, the result of the recently held election of the country were tampered with and fraudulent, although it has been confirmed by the election commission of Myanmar that there has been so much evidence that could suggest fraud in the results.

The civilian elected leader of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, along with the President of the country Win Myint has been detained by the military forces. On Wednesday, the police department has also filed charges against both of them. The social media application Facebook in Myanmar has been blocked for all the mass population of the country.

The charges which have been enforced on her include an unlawful procession of communicating devices like walkie-talkies, which have been used by her security team. President Myint has been accused of breaching the regulatory preventive measures against the coronavirus pandemic while he was campaigning for the election to be held last year and has won decisively by the Suu Kyi’s party of National League of Democracy.

The role of Facebook in Myanmar

All-access to Facebook in Myanmar has been blocked until February 7 by the Ministry of Communications and Information. However, the social networking website is still accessible in the country sporadically.

Several individuals have reported that Facebook in Myanmar is still accessible to some people in the city of Yangon through their Wi-Fi service, but could not be opened through cellular data. Due to the blocking of Facebook in Myanmar, the general population is rushing forward to using other alternative applications on their mobile devices or by using VPN- virtual private networks, which allows the consumer to pass through internet restrictions placed by the country’s government. Several hours later, it had been reported that Facebook in Myanmar had completely stopped working all across the country.

The students of the country are already suffering from suspension due to the increasing issue of the coronavirus pandemic, and now blocking Facebook in Myanmar means restrictions on the freedom of young people from now on.

For a coordinated opposition with the military coup, the activists of the country have set up a Facebook page, as 54 million people comprising half of the population of the country are active users of Facebook in Myanmar.

The social media site Facebook in Myanmar has become a very popular user application as the company initially allowed its users to easily use Facebook without any data costs across the country so that people would use the application without any hassle of paying for expensive data plans.

After acknowledging the issue of the Myanmar coup by the military rulers of the country, Facebook has given a statement urging the concerned authorities to restore the connectivity of Facebook in Myanmar so that the general population of the country would easily be able to communicate with their friends and family along with accessing data and information while keeping in check with the news of the country.

The telecom firm Telenor Myanmar, which is a subsidiary of the Norwegian Telenor Group, stated that they are willing to be in compliance with the blocking of all access of Facebook throughout the country, although this restriction is a breach of the human rights regulations.

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