Microsoft Will Continue Talks To Buy US Operations Of TikTok

President Trump Is Trying To Completely Ban Tiktok In The USA

President Trump Is Trying To Completely Ban Tiktok In The USA

The United States giant technical company Microsoft has confirmed regarding the continuing talks to obtain the US operations of TikTok, a Chinese-owned video-sharing application that is available across the world. The Microsoft head Satya Nadella recently had a discussion with the President of the United States Donald Trump about the possession on Sunday. The company has emphasized that it completely appreciated the significance of the concerns raised by President Trump regarding the US operations of TikTok. To remove any issue with the application, a thorough security analysis will be conducted by Microsoft.

Microsoft’s investment in TikTok

A proper list of economic benefits of the application will also be provided by the company to the United States government. The tech giant corporation is hopeful of concluding a positive discussion with the ByteDance; the parent company is TikTok till September 15. Microsoft has announced that they are willing to purchase the US operations of TikTok along with Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, after which they will be operating the application in those markets.

The technical firm also added in their statement that they might involve other American corporation investors on a minority basis to take part in the purchase of US operations of TikTok. Microsoft has emphasized that they have ensured that all private and sensitive data of American TikTok users would be transferred into and remain in the United States. Furthermore, the company will make sure that the data regarding the application will be stored and backed up inside the country. All data regarding the US operation of TikTok that is previously stored outside the United States will be deleted or directly transferred to the US data centers to be stored.

Microsoft has stated that they appreciated the personal involvement of President Trump and the US government in the purchase of US operations of TikTok, as they are continuing to develop and advance strong security protection for the nation. In the recent statement provided by Microsoft, the discussion for the acquiring of US operations of TikTok are still under, and there is no complete assurance that the deal would proceed in a positive direction.

Governmental concerns of the United States

The possible possession of US operations of TikTok to Microsoft was thought to have been put on hold after the United States President Donald Trump has vowed to ban the Chinese owned application in the country. The sale has been very close to a complete agreement by both parties when it has been out into doubt after Trump’s warning on Friday. According to Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, President Trump is likely to take action against the video-sharing application in the upcoming week as he believed that the application had become a threat and a national security risk for the country.

The alleged actions against the US operations of TikTok will be taken with respect to a wide variety of the national security risks that have been presented by the software as it is connected with the Chinese Communist Party. TikTok is one of the most widely used social media platforms, with more than half a billion active users, out of which 80 million are located in the United States. The age group targeted by this application is in their early 20s and teens.

A large number of US politicians are worried that the application owned by ByteDance poses as a risk to national security as they might have been using the app to gain personal information of its American users. Other safety concerns have also been raised by the Regulators. On Friday, President Trump has announced that he would be banning the US operations of TikTok while aboard the AirForce One.

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