Mental Illness: The Biggest Pandemic Issue In 2021

Physical Risks of Coronavirus Pandemic Are Being Managed By Vaccine, but the Mental Crisis Would Be Hard To Overcome

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The coronavirus pandemic which was caused by the viral pathogen SARS-CoV-2, due to which more than 1.8 million individuals across the globe had died after being diagnosed with the infection, while 86 million people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 infection, out of which 61 million individuals were able to get successfully recover back to their optimum health level. During the coronavirus pandemic, the entire globe was affected since the start of the pandemic, due to which consequently the prospect of mental illness was one of the biggest pandemic issues in the year 2020, suffered by numerous people worldwide.

Mental illness and stress

There has been noteworthy progress by the combined efforts of hundreds of people due to which the development of a viable coronavirus vaccine was achieved. There are still a few months before the entire general population globally would be able to receive the vaccine dosage.

In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused major stress, while some might have suffered from different types of mental illness due to being stuck at home and unable to socialize with friends and loved ones. Although the population would be receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, there would still be a negative impact of the pandemic, which could weight on our collective conscience.

The physical characteristics of the coronavirus pandemic are clearly visible to all. The economic stress and shortage of supplies, fear of acquiring the illness, disruption in normal routines and the main actual grief.

Although the scientists have been able to develop a viable antidote for the pathogenic viral infection after intensive efforts for the past several months, there is no vaccine that could revert our mental health back to a normal way, which has been affected by intensive stress and pressure and has turned into a concerning mental illness.

According to the multiple struggles in the past year caused by the coronavirus pandemic around the world, the psychological professionals have anticipated that there would be numerous mental illness symptoms and health issues in the year 2021 in millions of individuals globally.

Burnouts and sedentary lifestyle causing possible mental illness

The normal life routine of an individual was generally stressful before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, but after the implementation of nationwide lockdowns and restrictive measures as the viral pathogen was detected in almost every country across the world, people faced additional challenges, which contributed extra toll on the population and some could have suffered from mental illness due to the supplementary stress and surrounding toxic environment.

The virtual education, financial difficulties, keeping up with the latest news, remote working, staying healthy and safe along with coping with the deadly sickness and increasing deaths could provide a turmoil which could affect the mental health of any person and result in a mental illness.

The lockdown restriction, which was a necessary step to curb the rapid transmission of the viral infection in a community required complete isolation, which could possibly lead a person towards feeling lonely, and have affected numerous people of all ages throughout the world, meanwhile some people could have developed a mental illness from it.

Millions of children have missed opportunities that are an essential step for the development of their social and cognitive skills.

Some of the common mental illness examples that humans could have developed while being in social isolation caused by the restrictive lockdown measure for prevention of the spread of the viral disease could be depression, anxiety, paranoia, emotional or behaviour disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

To prevent further worsening of a possible mental illness while being stuck at home, it has been advised by a mental health professional to take a stroll outside while being around green plants and trees as it could help in elevation of the general mood of the person. An individual should take ample time to wind down and disconnect themselves from the news to help provide relief from stress and tensions.

The main focus of a person should be on his basic needs to prevent any possible mental illness, including having a proper sleeping schedule, a healthy nutritious meal on time and physical activity for some minutes along with spending time with loved ones and pets.

The focus of 2021 should be on our mental and physical health and taking care of ourselves while following preventive measures from the viral coronavirus infection.

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