Melbourne Is Seeing More Coronavirus Cases During Lockdown

Some Individuals Believe That Lockdown Regulations Are Against Human Rights

Some Individuals Believe That Lockdown Regulations Are Against Human Rights

For the first few initial months of the coronavirus pandemic, Australia was able to successfully control the transmission of COVID-19 infection. In the recent few weeks, another outbreak of coronavirus has exploded in Melbourne, due to which the local government has implemented city-wide quarantine as more coronavirus cases during lockdown are being reported across the city. It is being suspected that the reason behind the rapid surge of coronavirus cases in the city might be due to the failure of quarantining travelers inside the hotel before they are able to roam freely across the region.

Around three weeks ago, the country’s second-largest city was put into lockdown for the time duration of six weeks, to prevent more coronavirus cases during lockdown across the country. Even though it is the only half time of the lockdown period, several hundred cases are still being reported across the state of Victoria. On Thursday and Friday, there was a worse rapid rise in cases as 723 and 627 confirmed coronavirus cases have appeared, respectively. It is believed by many that the official count which is being portrayed by the country is less than the actual coronavirus cases in the country as it is suspected that there are more coronavirus cases during lockdown in the area.

Coronavirus situation in Australia

The second wave of deadly coronavirus infection in Australia is centered in the region of Victoria, with most of the coronavirus cases being reported in the state capital city of Melbourne. In just the only month of July, more than 9, 000 confirmed coronavirus cases had been diagnosed, which is about half of the total cases reported across Australia since the COVID-19 pandemic has reached the country.

The coronavirus outbreak has spread in little small clusters that are being identified across Sydney and New South Whales, while few were also identified in Queensland. In the region of Victoria, the biggest issue that has emerged is the spread of coronavirus infection in certain places, which includes aged care houses, schools, meat factories, and public housing estates. There are more coronavirus cases during lockdown being diagnosed, mostly in those individuals that are unable to work from home. It is being suspected that the escalation in certain areas of the country might be due to people who are working multiple jobs, caregivers in facilities, family groups, and people that might be in an insecure work environment.

Are people breaking lockdown regulations?

The local government of Victoria has warned that the reason behind more coronavirus cases during lockdown might be due to the fault of the general population living in the area, as community transmission is a leading cause in rapid escalation in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases. In the previous week, it has been revealed that half of the recently infected individuals have not self-isolated themselves during the 48 hours while they were waiting for the test results. It was stated that nine out of ten infected individuals did not test themselves on time after they started feeling the symptoms, which might cause more coronavirus cases during lockdown in the area.

Those individuals who are saying that the lockdown regulated implemented by the local authorities to prevent further transmission in the area are against human rights, for which the authorities have taken action against them as more coronavirus cases during lockdown are being diagnosed rapidly. In certain cases, it is suspected that many people that are breaking the lockdown regulations might be due to because they are unable to take medical leave. To prevent this problem from happening again, it is emphasized that those individuals who are taking pandemic leave will be allowed to paid leave.

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