Medical Aid to Serbia to Fight Coronavirus from Russia

Russia Might Experience a Shortage of Medical Supplies In The Near Future

Russia Proves Humanity First Than Business

11 Military planes traveled on Friday, carrying medical aid to Serbia to fight coronavirus from Russia during the pandemic, which has spread across the World. This decision to send medical aid to Serbia to fight coronavirus from Russian was followed after the Serbian President Aleksander Vucic appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin for humanitarian aid to the country under his leadership. Serbia has recorded more than 1,500 cases of COVID 19 until now out of which 40 individuals have died

Relationship between Serbia and Russia

The relationship between Russia and Serbia is strong is economical, political, and military aspects due to which it has been decided to send medical aid to Serbia to fight coronavirus from Russia. Russia has also backed Belgrade into not accepting the independence of a former Serbian state Kosovo.

According to the defense minister of Russia, the medical aid to Serbia to fight coronavirus from Russia contained protective gear along with military physicians that would help the infected COVID 19 in the country.

Serbia’s coronavirus condition

The Republic of Serbia is located in Europe with the infected COVID 19 patients count increasing daily, which has reached 1,114 out of which 2 individuals have died after going through the severe condition of COVID 19. Medical aid to Serbia to fight coronavirus from Russia is arriving in the country to help them fight against the pandemic. This medical aid includes eight medical teams, which include biological, chemical, and nuclear defense troops, which will provide disinfection along with 16 pieces of military equipment and modern diagnostic and disinfecting equipment.

Serbia has declared the whole country into an emergency lockdown, which will help limit the further spread of COVID 19 due to which 56,987 individuals have died across the globe. Military doctors, epidemiologists, and virology specialists are also included in the medical aid to Serbia to fight coronavirus from Russia, which has been sent on Friday.

Russia’s help to other countries

Not only sending the medical aid to Serbia to fight coronavirus from Russia, but the country has also sent several military airplanes filled with medical supplies to Italy, the country which has recorded more than 14,000 deaths caused by COVID 19. This medical aid to Italy is regarded as a political move from Russia to increase its influence in Europe by the European Union and NATO officials.

Russian officials have also sent ventilators along with protective gear to the United States of America during this week, which is described by the Kremlin as a medical aid for the country in these tough times. Half of the cost of these products has been paid by the Russian government, and the other half of the payment would be provided by the American President Donald Trump.

This shipment of medical supplies has sparked anger in Russia as the country is now experiencing a shortage of medical supplies for the infected COVID 19 patients residing in Russia after the infected patient count surpasses 4,149, along with the death toll at 34 individuals.

Worldwide COVID 19 spread

COVID 19 has spread to 204 countries and territories along with 2 international conveyances. Across the world, 1,074,290 individuals have suffered through the infection, out of which 226, 062 have recovered back to their optimum health, but 56, 987 patients have also died due to the infection after going through the severe condition.

Currently, the United States has been recorded with the most COVID 19 patients as the count has reached up to 265,506 out of which only 19,983 individuals were able to recover fully back. Italy has been recorded with most deaths as the death toll has reached 14,681 in the country.

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