Mass Vaccination Starts in Chile, Mexico, and Costa Rica

Limited Number of Vaccination Dosages Has Reached Their Destinations

The first coronavirus mass vaccination shot in Latin America was able to receive by a Mexican nurse as the program has been initiated across the country to limit further transmission of the deadly viral pathogen, which has already caused the death of millions of individuals around the world.

The initial shipment comprises of about 3,000 dosages for the viable COVID-19 vaccine developed by a joint collaboration between the United States and German pharmaceutical firms Pfizer and BioNTech.

Mass vaccination for COVID-19

The mortality rate in Latin America has reached one of the highest death rates in countries across the world after the United States, Brazil, and India, due to which the requirement for a viable COVID-19 mass vaccination program was important and at this moment before the virus spreads further and cause more damage.

On Thursday, countries like Costa Rica and Chile have also been able to begin their mass vaccination administration made by Pfizer-BioNTech, which has also been provided for mass consumption in nations like the United Kingdom and the United States. In Costa Rica, the initial shots for the mass vaccination campaign were provided to some of the senior citizens of the locale.

The government of Argentina is currently working to obtain dosages of the COVID-19 antidote for mass vaccination plans across the region, but the authorities have chosen the Russian developed vaccine named Sputnik V for the initial stage. The first delivery of the Russian-produced vaccine would be of about 30,000 dosages, which have arrived in the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, in the early morning hours on Thursday.

Brazil, which has one of the highest mortality rates due to the deadly viral coronavirus infection in the region, would not be able to start the mass vaccination program until the second week of February despite having the increasing number of confirmed active coronavirus cases across the country.

According to President Jair Bolsonaro, he has not yet any planning to be inoculated, as he believes that his immune system has now developed further strong immunity against the coronavirus infection as he has previously acquired the infection and tested positive for the COVID-19 infection in the first quarter of this year.

Fight against deadly COVID-19 pathogens

In Mexico, the first person to have volunteered for the first shot for the viable coronavirus mass vaccination campaign was 59 years old, Maria Irene Ramirez, who has been working as the head of the intensive care unit at a hospital located in Mexico City. Later, she gave a public statement saying that she, along with her peers, is afraid due to the current situation, but all the people should move on, and she herself wants to stay out of the line of fire, which is the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus vaccine of only 3,000 dosages has arrived on Wednesday in Mexico from Belgium, out of the entire order placed of around 34 million to be purchased in phases for mass vaccination while they are being manufactured in a manufacturing plant.

During a live telecasted news conference held by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the complete footage from the broadcast regarding the launch was shown.

The government of Mexico has given a public statement stating that they are looking forward to mass vaccination of all of their frontline health care working staff that has played a vital role in fighting against the coronavirus pandemic, which would be expected to complete by the end weeks of the first quarter of the upcoming year 2021.

The country has been able to record more than 1.3 million individuals with confirmed coronavirus infection until now since the virus spreads across the globe and has caused around 121,000 deaths that are directly caused by the viral pathogen. Due to the situation, mass vaccination against coronavirus is an essential requirement.

The country of Chile has been able to record a total number of 600,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and about 16,000 mortalities, while the total cases of Costa Rica are about 163,000 and more than 2,000 deaths. Argentina has around 1.6 million patients and a 42,300 death rate.

The president of Chile, Sebestian Pinera, has described the initiation of the nation’s program for immunization of every individual against the coronavirus pandemic as a moment of excitement and hope.

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