Many Meanings of New Pinch Emoji

Different Interpretations Around The World!

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During the age of technology, the amount of media consumption by the masses has increased tenfold as it has become the basic need to communicate without any issue in our day to day lives. Due to this increasing number of smart devices in the market and the race to have the best technology at hand, the creators also have to be smart as to give new content to the consumers, which make the usage easier. The usage of emojis has become such a trend that has taken the world by the storm as there have not been any thoughts that people would be able to communicate easily and display emotions without physically saying anything just by sending small graphical images.

According to the new set of 117 new emojis that are launched earlier in 2020 approved by the Unicode consortium, a few of the emojis have started quite a feud over the internet as to what is the exact meaning of the emojis are, as several of the emojis have different meanings according to the different locations of the inhabitants using the emoji across the globe.

What does it look like?

This new pinch emoji displays a hand in a slightly flexed position along with the fingers and thumb together at the top in the adducted position. The emoji is by default in yellow color and can also be changed into different skin tones according to the user.

Different Meanings of New Pinch Emoji

There have been a lot of discussions going on the internet as to what is the exact reason and meanings of new pinch emoji. Many people across the world have shared their opinions as to what the creators had in mind before creating this particular emoji.

According to the sources, the meanings of new pinch emoji is “what do you want?” inspired by the Italian’s way of gestures while talking. Although hand gestures could be the same, they could imply different meanings of the pinch emoji, as Middle East inhabitants use this same hand gesture to imply that they are angry or annoyed or to emphasize their point.

In India, the use of the same hand gesture has a different meaning as it is used to ask if the person is hungry.

In Arabic, the meaning of the pinch emoji can be used to show a mother’s love for her child or to slow and calm down and sometimes to even threaten.

There are, of course, much more comedic versions of the hand gestures and can imply different meanings of new pinch emoji by inverting it. If the emoji is inverted, it can imply the person eating without the usage of utensils or can be considered as a pinch of salt. There are also some people who instantly thought of K-pop when they saw this emoji relating to a K-pop star Kwon Yuri who shapes her hand the same way while taking photographs to give her fans the message “I Mandu You” (Mandu means Dumplings in Korean).

As all of the people on this earth do not share the same caste, color, culture, or traditions, face and hand gestures are also differentiated according to the regions. This could help you to know the actual meanings of new pinch emoji but you can also use this as per you like.

This emoji, along with many others including the transgender flag, anatomical heart and lungs, gender-neutral wedding, and many animal and food emojis have been launched by Unicode which is the system capable of generating text and emojis on all electronic devices regardless of the operating system it is being run on.

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