Major Disaster In Texas Was Declared By President Biden

Millions of Houses and Without Power and Water Supply in the Southern Regions of the United States

The current President of the United States, Joe Biden, has recently declared a major disaster in Texas, which would allow clearance of way for further funds controlled by the federal authority to be spent on the numerous relief efforts in the state of the US. The electric power supply is slowly returning back across the state of Texas, and the temperature in the region is expected to rise. Meanwhile, around 13 million individuals residing in the region are still facing various difficulties in accessing a hygienic and clean water supply.

Federal assistance for the disaster in Texas

President Biden has stated that he has scheduled to visit during the massive disaster in Texas faced by millions of people, as long as his presence in the area would not become a burden in the efforts for providing relief to the residents of the region. Up till now, it has been reported that 60 individuals have died due to hypothermia caused by the intense cold weather across the United States.

According to the statement that has been released by the White House, the 46th President of the country, Joe Biden, has given the order to provide federal assistance to the local recovery relief efforts present at the site of the disaster in Texas along with the supplement state resources which have further escalated due to harsh winter storms in the region.

The assistance for the disaster in Texas is to be provided by the concerned federal authorities could also include grants that would be used for temporary housing spaces and household repairs, along with low-cost loans that could be used to cover the property losses that have not been insured previously. Other required programs could also be added for helping the residents and to help recover small businesses that have been affected as an after-effect to the disaster in Texas located in the United States.

An administration official stated that President Joe Biden is in constant contact with some of the mayors of major cities located in the state of Texas, including Dallas, Austin, and Houston, to ensure that they have access to the recourses provided by the government.

Several of the other states located in the southern region of the United States have been severely hit by the ice storms and snow in the past week, along with outages for the water services in several areas. However, the major disaster in Texas has caused havoc throughout the region as people are suffering from extreme cold weather.

The intense weather in winter has also caused the fresh water supply to be cut off in the city of Jackson in Mississippi, where more than 150,000 individuals reside, as well as the one of the biggest county located in Tennessee, which also includes the city of Memphis, where 651,000 people are currently residing.

Across the southern region of the United States includes a major state of disaster in Texas, which have previously not ever experienced this kind of extreme weather conditions have made people boil snow to use water in their daily activities as the water pipes present at the outside of the houses have completely frozen.

Current situation of disaster in Texas

The state of Texas, located in the southwestern region of the country, has experienced an overwhelming surge of power which has caused the energy grid to be dysfunctional as the region is undergoing extreme low temperature that has never been recorded in the area for the past 30 years. This week, the major disaster in Texas has recorded the lowest weather temperature of -18C.

On Friday, around 180,000 businesses and households located in Texas are still without any electric supply. Amid the intense freezing climatic conditions in the early days of the third week of February, more than 3.3 million houses have been without a working power supply.

More than 16 million individuals that are close to almost half of the population of the state of Texas, are facing disruptions in a constant water supply as thousands of water supply systems have become completely frozen or damaged by surrounding cold temperatures.

The state of emergency has been initiated due to the disaster in Texas; as the capital city of the state, Austin has lost 1.2 billion liters of freshwater when the pipes providing water to the city have burst.

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